- Nobody Does it Better
Established September 3rd, 1999.

Hello and welcome to my site! I am a huge James Bond fan and started what would become on the Express Page server in 1996. The project started off as something fun to do with my James Bond hobby, but developed into my interest of creating web sites. Things started to pick up after about a year at Express Page. They wouldn't allow images on their servers (primitive isn't it?), so I moved my Bond-ways elsewhere. The next stop was I enjoyed FC - it was a solid, free host, allowing images and web space galore, but the URL was too long for my liking. I needed my own domain name.

So on September 3, 1999 I went to and came up with the domain "". Simple, but short. I love it. Catchy name I think too. So here we are today. After paying to have this site ad free, and in building in size with a Message Board, Fan Reviews, and sections of all kinds, my hope is to show my affection for James Bond to as many people as possible through the use of the Internet, as well as showing off my web design skills in the process.

Feel free to e-mail me at if you have any questions/comments/praises or criticisms about the site. Thank you for visiting, and I hope your visit was worthwhile and fun!

Thanks for visiting!