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Bond 22 is Quantum Of Solace!

Bond 22 is Quantum Of Solace!

Bond producers reveal title of James Bond's 22nd adventure - what is in store?
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Posted on January 24, 2008 9:34 AM
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Okay, got that out of the way.

The wait is over! For months and months, anxious Bond fans have waited and waited (sometimes patiently, sometimes not) for the title of James Bond's 22nd adventure to be revealed. After months of speculation and buildup of casting confirmations and plot rumors, we now have a title - Quantum Of Solace. An Ian Fleming original, nonetheless! has linked to a great British iTV news broadcast revealing the title, amongst other things. Here is the YouTube video:

Where to begin?!?!

First off...a little background and analysis of the title would be fitting.

Quantum Of Solace - A For Your Eyes Only Short Story

For those unaware, the title is actually derived from an Ian Fleming short story in his 1960 collection of short stories called For Youe Eyes Only, which of course was the title of a Roger Moore James Bond movie from 1981.

Wikipedia's entry on the Quantum Of Solace shows an interesting (and plausible) explanation for the use of the title - as it deals with love lost and relationships gone sour, similar to Bond and Vesper's relationship in the end of Casino Royale (which is where QoS will pick up)

Quantum Of Solace (Short Story) - Wikipedia

'Quantum of Solace' is not a spy story and Bond appears only in the background. Told in the style of W Somerset Maugham, the tale has Bond attending a boring dinner party at the Government House in Nassau with a group of socialites he can't stand.

Bond makes an offensive remark after dinner when the other guests have left in order to stimulate conversation. This solicits a careful reply from the elderly Governor of The Bahamas who tells 007 a sad tale about a relationship between former civil servant Philip Masters stationed in Bermuda and air hostess Rhoda Llewellyn. After meeting aboard a flight to London the two eventually married but after a time Rhoda became unhappy with her life as a housewife. She then began a long open affair with the eldest son of a rich Bermudan family. As a result Masters' work deteriorated and he suffered a nervous breakdown. After recovering he was given a break from Bermuda by the governor and sent on an assignment to Washington to negotiate fishing rights with the US. At the same time the governor's wife had a talk with Rhoda just as her affair ended. Masters returned a few months later and decided to end his marriage, although he and Rhoda continued to appear as a happy couple in public. Masters returned alone to the UK, leaving a penniless Rhoda stranded in Bermuda, an act of which he'd been incapable of merely months earlier. But Masters never recovered emotionally, his vital spark never relit. The governor goes on to tell Bond how after a time Rhoda married a rich Canadian and seems to be happy, telling Bond that his dull dinner companions whom he found so boring were Rhoda and her new husband.

While the story does not include action elements, as other Fleming tales do, it attempts to posit that Bond's adventures pale in comparison with real life drama. Bond reflects that the lives of the people he passes somewhat superficial judgments upon can in fact hide poignant episodes.


Can the producers delve into Bond's psyche even more than they did in Casino Royale?! It seems so!

Aside from the title, much more was revealed in terms of plot and character personas - detailed excellently by BBC News' coverage:

'Driven by revenge'

Kurylenko, who plays Bond girl Camille in the film, said that she has yet to film any scenes, but was working hard preparing for her role.

"I'm doing weapons training and body flight training for aerial scenes and stunt work for fighting," she said.

"My days are so long, and it's very physical. She's going to be very different from the previous Bond girls.

"She's a fighter. This girl is going to kick ass. She's on her own mission and she's driven by revenge."

It is as yet unclear whether Camille is a secret agent.

French actor Mathieu Amalric, who plays the villainous Dominic Greene, told reporters his character had "the smile of Tony Blair and the crazy eyes of Nicholas Sarkozy".

Actress Gemma Arterton plays an MI6 agent in the film and has already shot her love scenes with 007.

She said: "I felt like a giggly girl, and I felt so young and inexperienced - but I kissed James Bond!"

The 21-year-old, who recently starred in the St Trinian's film, said her Bond role is "not so frolicksome" and her character "fresh and young, not sultry and a femme fatale".

'Pretty prickly'

Dame Judi Dench, who returns for her sixth Bond film, said: "I get to do more in this one, which is brilliant."

She hinted that her character's relationship with Bond would be "pretty prickly".

Rumours about the name had grown after fans noticed that film studio Sony had bought the domain name

But co-producer Michael Wilson said the name had only been decided "a few days ago", adding the story's start point would be "literally an hour after the last film left off".

Asked if Casino Royale star Eva Green would appear in Quantum of Solace, co-producer Barbara Broccoli said: "There are no flashbacks in the film, but she's certainly on Bond's mind."

Director Marc Forster is in charge of work on the movie, which is due for release on 7 November.

Some points and cautionary notes here-

As long as Olga Kurylenko's character knows her role and doesn't resemble Jinx's (shudder) 'ass-kicking' character from Die Another Day, I am fine with her having a few action scenes.

Hearing of Arterton's description of her Bond girl's role sounds similar to the Miranda Frost character in Die Another Day, minus her vengeful, bitter back-stabbing. An innocent Bond girl? A la Britt Ekland's Mary Goodnight in 1974's The Man With The Golden Gun perhaps? Sounds good to me!

As for Amalric's description of Greene - how creepy! But at the same time excellent for a Bond villain - handsome and debonair on the outside, politically corrupt and villainous on the inside - think of Kamal Khan's 'royal' feel from 1983's Octopussy blended with a the ruthless drug kingpin Franz Sanchez's demeanor from 1989's Licence To Kill.

On to a title analysis...

'Quantum' Origins

I was a little perplexed by the title at first glance and did a little research into the origins of each word. Initially, the word 'quantum' brought to mind a scientific definition, thinking of 'quantum physics'. However, looking up its Latin root, 'quantum' actually comes from the Latin 'quantus' which translates to 'how much'. In this regard, 'quantum' in Bond 22's title could be replaced with the word 'time'.

'Solace' Origins

Solace, on the other hand, comes from the Latin 'solacium,' which means "Comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or distress; consolation."

Which fits Bond's current situation PERFECTLY!

Having just lost the love of his life, Vesper Lynd, Bond must heal. A Time Of Comfort, A Time Of Consolation is the next logical step in Bond's relationship time line.

Time Of Consolation

The real question will Bond find this Solace? Or is it a hypothetical 'quantum of solace'? Does Bond go on a 'bedding' binge (already, two girls are cast in the film) and never quite recover from the satisfaction he will likely get from murdering his lover's killer? How will he develop into the misogynistic skeptic who can never seemingly love again?

It feels so great to say it - Bond's character has the potential to develop on screen as if it were chronicled in a novel.


NOTE: I have been getting some emails regarding the pronunciation of 'solace' in the title...looking at the Merriam-Webster definition, it can be pronounced one of two ways (excuse the vernacular work-around): soul-less or saul-less. News reporters have been using the latter as the movie title, and to me, it is a little easier to pronounce - the 'a' sound similar to that in 'quantum.'

UPDATE: Do you like the title Quantum Of Solace for Bond's 22nd adventure? Click here to vote at the Message Board (registration is free) and discuss your reasoning!

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