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Future Bond Movies Rated R?

Future Bond Movies Rated R?

MPAA may consider 'R' rating for any movie featuring smoking.
News Category: General Movie News
Posted on June 2, 2004 9:27 PM
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Board member Perminisconious has found an interesting article that may affect how Bond movies are rated by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America):

Basically, [the FOX article] says that some people are pushing for a mandatory R rating if there is any sort of smoking in a movie. For those not familiar with the U.S. MPAA rating system, R makes it so nobody under 17 can be admitted without a parent.

All Bond movies through The Living Daylights were PG (some parental supervision suggested), and from Licence To Kill on, they've been PG-13 (supervision suggested for children under 13). This could effect Bond, because he has been depicted as a smoker (although he didn't smoke at all in the films after Licence To Kill, with the exception of Die Another Day).