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Timothy Dalton's Two Films

Jul 6, 2004
By: Jake L. Spring

Although Timothy Dalton's performances as James Bond weren't financially as succesful as they're predecessors, a minority, including me, regards them as the best Bond films ever. The Living Daylights was a huge improvement from Roger Moore's far-fetched and idiotic films. Dalton gave a great performance as a more cooler and grittier Bond. His portrayal was very much like Sean Connery's first two films. The plot was quite down to earth which is a good thing compared to the fantasism of The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker.

Dalton's James Bond didn't match up with megalomaniac mad-men, but rather, dangerous arms dealers and drug lords. The Living Daylights also included very well made action sequences which give a good tempo to the film. The entire pre-titles sequence is rather spectacular. The Ice Chase is also very classic. The entire final battle including the attack at the air base, the fight against Necros and the gunfire at Whitaker's villa was a terrific end to a terrific movie.

The Living Daylights is my personal favourite of the Bond movies but I like the second of Dalton's films almost more. In 1989, James Bond returned for a new mission. This time the mission was personal. When Bond's best friend, the CIA's Felix Leiter, is mutilated and his wife raped and murdered, Bond gets really angry and gritty. Dalton gives a very gritty and dark performance in Licence To Kill. Though the film wasn't very popular, today it is propably more widely approved. The film has great action sequences and surprisingly, the soundtrack is pretty good. Robert Davi does a great performance as a drug lord Franz Sanchez. Carey Lowell also makes a good portrayal as the tough CIA agent and ex-army pilot Pam Bouvier. She's a good actress and is extremely beautiful.

With great actors and good screenplay, Licence To Kill is one my favorites. It was very refreshing to finally see Q in the field with Bond. Top marks for that. The final battle with the drug/oil trucks was magnificent. It must have taken quite a while to film the entire sequence. In my opinion, Timothy Dalton's James Bond will always be the real Bond. He brought to screen the original 007 that, in my opinion, was presented by Ian Fleming in the 1950's.