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Bond - Good Or Bad Role Model?

Feb 26, 2004
By: Aaron Smith

To many, James Bond is a daring, sophisticated ladies' man with a license to kill. Some people (mostly children) see him to be a future portrayal of them some day, while others look and see a sex-driven everyday man with a Walther PPK. In this essay, I will prove he is both a good and a bad role model.

Since Dr. No, children and adults alike fled to the theaters to see this wonderful man put the hurt on the bad guys, just to raise their spirits. And, that is one of the reasons Bond, with his funny little quips and innuendoes, lightens the atmosphere after a rough battle with Blofeld or Jaws with a little post-fight joke. Without those things, Bond wouldn't be as fun. Another good thing about Bond is that he battles the bad guys. In the early part of the series, the villains or villainesses weren't people that you just had to hate. As the series progressed, the baddies got worse, from killing innocent people with a golden gun, to destroying Turkey with a submarine. Getting rid of these guys is an aid to Earth. My final reason is that he faces much physical and emotional pain, a lot like other people. Everything was just fine for him until On Her Majesty's Secret Service, when Blofeld's forces killed his wife, Tracy, just a few hours after their wedding. In The World Is Not Enough, Elektra puts him in an Egyptian torture chair, and in Die Another Day, he's put in prison and tortured horribly. You've got to feel sorry for him there.

Along with his good characteristics, Bond also exhibits some characteristics you would not want to have. First of all, he sees women to be more objects than people. M even calls him a "sexist, misogynist, dinosaur" (Goldeneye). And even, he sometimes hurts women to get what he needs. I'm a male, yet I still find this quite rude. Another flaw of Bond's is his license to kill. Sure, he doesn't like to, but he inspires kids that violence and weapons can solve a problem. That, of course, is not true. My final reason is that he drinks too many martinis. He orders at least one in every movie. No wonder he always gets caught! Like M says in Never Say Never Again, "Too many dry martinis!" Hey, bottled water wouldn't hurt once in a while.

Although 007 has flaws, he's altogether a hero who is loved by millions. Even Christians like him. I'm a Christian, and I still like it. So there, Colin, Harry, Tanner, Ryan, other Colin, Brennan, Travis, Jonathan, Jon, Bryan, B.J, and David!