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The Tarantino Effect

Jul 20, 2004
By: Gale Weathers

His name is not unheard of amongst the majority of movie fans. His movies are constantly found "out-of-stock" at the local video rental store. And he rakes in money when his new films are released. This is Quentin Tarantino, a visionary director. Starting his career writing scripts for movies that would be sold for as little as possible and grossing just barely a profit, you could say Tarantino was grinding at rock bottom.

That's when he tore the last page of the Reservoir Dogs script out of his typewriter and sent it off to a producer. A few months later the movie was made, and proved slightly successful. He had a name in Hollywood. That is the dream of most directors, to be known by the veterans. Then Tarantino blew everyones mind with Pulp Fiction. This movie proves that Tarantino can write unforgetable dialogue, direct remarkable action scenes, and still project a sense of humor onto the audience.

With that movie under his belt, he could do anything he pleased, and he did. He adapted Elmore Leonards crime novel Rum Punch into what we know today as Jackie Brown. In my opinion, the movie carried the story a lot better than the novel. He told the information as it should have been told, and he molded the characters from the novel into workable, genuine characters. He has said that during his writing of scripts, he bends and shapes the dialogue and characters to match the actors and actresses portraying them.

This method of his is played out beautifully in the Kill Bill movies. Many entertainers have given thier best performances in Tarantino films. Because he understands the characters, and he relates them to the actors. He makes the actors feel what the characters are feeling, in their own individual ways. Now, the question is, is Tarantino fit to direct the next James Bond movie, which is allegedly based on the Ian Fleming novel Casino Royale?

The answer is as simple as opening a door. Yes, he is perfect. He can find the emotions of the actors, and make them show it at just the appropriate time. If you've ever read Casino Royale, then you know that the characters deal with a lot of emotion, and that the story relies heavily on dialogue. This is where Tarantino fits perfectly. He could tell the story like Fleming and not focus entirely on the visual effects.

He knows what he is doing, and he is very willing to do it. Having Tarantino direct an adaptation of Casino Royale really would be a blessing for the franchise. Since Die Another Day disappointed many die-hard 007 fans, James Bond really could use a Tarantino-directed picture. With Tarantino, the franchise would not only keep the loyal James Bond fans with penchants for Fleming, but also gain the Tarantino fans as well, which, as we all know, come in high numbers. So, I say let Tarantino in some Bond 21 action (or any future James Bond movie, for that matter). He is ideal for the part.