A View To A Kill (1985) Reviews

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Matt M.

This is my favorite Bond movie and easily should be in the top five for all-time great Bond movies. The movie has a great score and a great theme song sung by Duran Duran. This is Roger Moore’s last movie and sure he looks a bit old, but still I would rather have him and his funny remarks than Timothy Dalton. Christopher Walken is a good a villain. He seems very quite, but then he snaps and becomes a maniac. Mayday is a great henchwoman. Stacey Sutton played by Tanya Roberts is one of the best and most attractive Bond girl’s ever. This is also the last movie for Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny. The plot is Max Zorin (Walken) is hording microchips and uses the chips to help his horse Pegasis, but the more important part is that he plans to flood the St. Andreas fault and destroy Silicon Valley! Good parts of this movie are Bond destroying a taxi cab, Bond escaping a burning building with Sutton, a car chase with a stolen fire truck and police cars and the final battle between Zorin and Bond, a fight on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is the best Bond movie ever!


This movie, for me, is one of the defining Bond movies of the ’80s. You get the ’80s feel right from the start, with the excellent theme song by Duran Duran. I like this movie, because any movie Christopher Walken is in, he makes a good bad guy. Not only that, but who can resist seeing Bond in those bug-eyed sunglasses?! Anyway, I like the idea of a Zorin industries, and how Mr. Zorin wishes to carry out his takeover of the world. He doesn’t threaten the US government, or hold someone hostage, he goes for the US economy by trying to make his company a monopoly.

To do this, he decides to destroy his major competitor, Silicon Valley. This isn’t too far fetched. I think if you had that much TNT and you put it on a faultline, an earhquake would result. With a vicious thug in Mayday, a beautiful setting in Southern California, and a great cast, A View To A Kill is a knockout!

Greg Lamont

Lay off of this movie people. Moore was a bit old at the time, but I see this as him showing his committment to bringing Bond to the fans. He obviously didn’t need the money at that point, so it was all about his character. People sing the praises of Connery, but he has been running from Bond since the 60’s and always thought he was bigger than Bond. In A View To A Kill we are greeted by a realistic story about a power hungry villian who only cares for industrial imperialism. Walken is a Godsend as a villian who doesn’t let his psychoticness show until near the climax. May Day lifted a KGB agent over her head – enough said. Stacy Sutton was beautiful and ditzy which was appropriate for Bond to be exposed to. The music is top notch, and as a kid, the end on the Golden Gate Bridge was one of the most climactic in movie history. It may not hold much weight in the era of CGI and ILM, but it was excellent grassroots action-movie making for that time. Hats off to John Glen and Roger Moore, the modern Bond director and the modern Bond!