Casino Royale (1967) Reviews

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I am not a big fan of this movie. Don’t get me wrong, even though I have only seen a handful of Woody Allen movies, I wasn’t entertained by him in this one. Besides Austin Powers, I don’t think the Bond series can be successfully spoofed. I guess I have a bias against this movie, because I was against purchasing it in the first place. Like I expected, I was disappointed in the movie, and even slept through a few parts of it. There were too many random things going on that didn’t make any sense (or maybe I didn’t comprehend) that got annoying very fast.

The major problem of this movie: they spoofed Bond way too much, and didn’t focus on the characters or their own individual personalities, unlike Austin Powers, whose Bond-spoofed characters had their own personalities, with Dr. Evil and his voice and “pinky point” to his mouth.