Die Another Day (2002) Reviews

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Steve K.

This Bond movie is one of the better ones. Although the thought of an invisible Aston Martin is a little far-fetched, the rest of the film plays out great. I think Halle Berry was an excellent choice for a Bond Girl. And the beginning, where Bond is captured and tortured for 14 months, is something new and interesting. But John Cleese taking over for Q kind of bothered me, they should have had Cleese play the same Q all together, and not some one new. And I love the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, it is one of Bond’s nicer and cooler cars. This Bond movie should get more recognition, it truly is great, but the technology and gadgets are a little to far ahead.


Even though Pierce Brosnan is not my favorite Bond,(Roger Moore is my favorite) I really liked Goldeneye. Tomorrow Never Dies and The World is not Enough were very forgettable, so I thought this would be a return to glory for Brosnan. I was sadly mistaken. For years Bond movies had very few SFX,this movie is overloaded with them. Whatever happened to the days of having a good movie without SFX. The character of Jinx was overly hyped,which for the movie was a let down. The villain was one of the worst in the series. The gadgets were too advanced.The Bond gadgets should be just over the horizon not light years ahead of modern technology. Pierce Brosnan had a great start with Goldeneye, but cannot come up with an equal movie. Maybe in Bond 21 we could see the long awaited return to glory.


Die Another Day is in my personal opinion the worst Bond movie ever made excluding Casino Royale, and yes including the so-called renegade Bond film Never Say Never Again. First of all Halle Berry’s character did not fit her in even the slightest of ways. Are intelligent people supposed to believe that a 95 pound woman can be a super female type Bond working for the CIA and as an assassin? I guess so. Secondly current Bond star Pierce Brosnan has clearly now entered into his Sean Connery/You Only Live Twice days with a performance so blatantly weak and unprofessional that it really begs the question of how good was Roger Moore? I mean neither Connery nor Brosnan have been able to hold it together after several outings donning the tuxedo.

I wonder what Cubby Broccoli would think of a Bond movie that featured: a cameo by Madonna, entire scenes that used CGI, which incidentally happened to be some of the worst seen in movie history, if not the worst, a Bond who delivers one-liner after one-liner with the lamest results as to almost be painful, a Bond girl that actually says things like “yo mama” and is dubbed “the female Bond”, an invisible Aston Martin, a very snooty and snotty, yet painfully unfunny Q, a Moneypenny who has virtual sex with Bond, a Bond who hasn’t shaved or bathed in 14 months, a henchman that has diamonds worth millions stuck in his face for over 14 months and not once tried to remove them, a main villain that wears a Robocop type suit while also claiming to be Bond’s “super ego”, actors who should have been dubbed that weren’t, and Bond not knowing that his gun which he never loses touch of had been unloaded, this despite the fact he carries it almost a hundred times a day or so? And let’s not forget the CGI bullet and the half credits sequence/half Bond torture scene, and the yet again revived gun barrel resembling nothing more than a mere mockery of John Barry’s work? This of course all because what we already had as the tradition in those three cases was somehow seriously lacking and needed revamping immediately I suppose?

I believe the answer is Cubby is most likely saying from up above why in the world did I leave Bond in the hands of my idiot kids? The first half of the movie is dull, boring, stupid, lacks wit, lacks action, lacks just about anything resembling a Bond movie. Brosnan is walking around in Cuba trying to look like the suave, tough, sleek, sexual predator that is ultra-cool, like Lazenby and Connery could, and he looks instead like some middle-aged tourist trying to get some fly Latin honey, while vacationing from the wife, dog, and kids back home. It is just appallingly bad. The scene where Jinx and Bond get acquainted is one of the worst scenes in movie history for both acting and dialog. You expect to see this sort of acting and direction on Mystery Science Theater 3000, not near any Bond film.

The second half of the film picks up as it is using a lot of Moonraker type elements. It does bring some fun moments and there are a few things that remind you of Bond. Yet the CGI is depressing, the Zao character is more like something out of a Batman movie than anything ever in a Bond movie, and Berry just keeps getting more and more annoying with each passing moment. However, I feel Brosnan was much better in the second half, thank God for that.

The sword fight in the movie was an interesting new concept for a Bond movie, but unfortunately Toby Stephens, who played Gustav Graves, the film’s main villain, made Bond look old, weak, slow, fat, and honestly sexually unattractive as they mistakenly placed a man of his young 30’s opposite the nearly 50 year old Bond. Anything nice about the scene was ruined by the presence of Madonna, which will cheapen any film. Even The Godfather, if she was in it would be ruined.

M’s role in this film is just completely bizarre. She insults Bond, acts like he isn’t worth a damn, and even states she wished he was still a prisoner in North Korea or dead for that matter. Certainly Judi Dench is stomping all over Bernard Lee’s grave at this point with her extremely stupid and poorly acted version of Bond’s boss. The scenes with Q in this film were unbelievably difficult to sit through. John Cleese proved it is entirely possible to be one of the funniest men alive at times, and the worst comedian ever born as well at times, all in the same lifetime, after his excruciatingly horrid turn as Q.

Rosmand Pike who plays Miranda Frost, the bad Bond girl, was one of the better Bond girls, and she was a blessing in an otherwise awful Bond outing. Yet having her in bed with Brosnan reminded one of the 1981-1985 Bond era, where Bond simply looked like a horny, dirty old man. There were some other nice points in Die Another Day, such as the scene where Bond enters the hotel in Hong Kong. However this was right after Brosnan and Dench had a long scene arguing with each other about Bond’s capture that was so bad it almost rivals the Jinx meets Bond scene for worst acting in Bond movie history. And the hotel entrance scene was followed by the entire Cuban section of the film that was just the worst thing ever witnessed in a Bond movie. Someone needs to explain to the Bond filmmakers that Brosnan walking around just isn’t like Connery walking around, and you don’t have another From Russia with Love on your hands just because of this.

Every time you tried to get into the movie and enjoy it, along came an invisible car, bad CGI, a Robocop suit for a taughty and spoiled brat megalomaniac villain, a henchman dressed like Darth Vader and even breathing heavily like him at one point, not to mention in slow motion while doing so, thus almost forcing the viewer to think of Star Wars, Halle Berry’s insanely stupid lines, etc. I seriously wonder how all the people involved in making this movie did not even once wonder about what they were doing when they had this huge ice palace set and were just pandering to 12 year olds during that whole time?

Why do Bond movies all of a sudden have to be directed towards the intellectually challenged or the 12 to 20 year old summer movie group when Bond movies were always smart and sophisticated and debut late in the year? What about the ridiculous CGI and invisible car? Since when did Q branch become The Science Fiction branch? Even the pre-title was totally ruined by some of the worst CGI and worst special effects imaginable. The original Bond Dr. No from 1962 had better special effects than Die Another Day’s pre-title sequence did. This film cost $142 million US, and yet it looked like it was made on a budget smaller than 1965’s Thunderball, which even with inflation cost a mere $32 million US. Even Thunderball’s models and sped-up ending still were about on the same level as the scene where the North Korean tank and Moon go over the cliff in the movies pre-title. How can this happen?

There are some Bond movies such as Never Say Never Again and A View to a Kill which lack that certain something and are not necessarily as good as typical Bond movies, but both of those movies are about 10 times better than Die Another Day. Even Never Say Never Again’s unofficial feel and weak music score brought more Bond feel and essence than Die Another Day. Even Moonraker seemed 10 times more realistic and believable and less over-the-top than Die Another Day did. And yes A View to a Kill is basically superior to this latest Bond flick in every conceivable category.

All I can say is as much as I love the Bond movies, and what Bond is itself, and as much as I am willing to give Brosnan and company another chance, if Bond 21 is a repeat of Die Another Day I will have to boycott Bond 22, and until they give me something that resembles Bond again I will be gone. But I think if they do repeat it for Bond 21 and 22, there won’t be a Bond 23 as even the dumbest and easiest to please movie goer will soon enough become bored with this sort of idiotic and boring crap falsely labeled a Bond movie that Die Another Day really is.

Matt M.

This movie was good, but it did not live up to the hype of One of the best Bond films ever.
1. I don’t like Judi Dench as M in any of the Brosnan Bond movies. In this movie she say’s Bond means nothing to MI-6, and if she had her way Bond would still be in North Korea.
2. This movie is very much like GoldenEye, an Mi-6 operative betrays Bond and the villain’s weapon is a satellite. I’m sick of having the villains using satellites. It is really old. I do like the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. The car turning invisible is a bit strange but I still like the car. I like John Cleese as Q. He seems just like Desmond Lewelleywn.

Austin Snell

I must be the only person on the planet who didn’t like this movie. The special effects, stunts, and music were spectacular, but just didn’t belong in a Bond movie. The fact that his Aston Martin turned “invisible” about made me walk out of the theater. Halle Barry as Jinx was a terrible casting job, and dialogue like “your mama” really rubbed me the wrong way. Gustav Graves was an okay villian, but on occasion, acted like a bad little English school boy instead of a the menacing bad guy I am used to. The last thing about Die Another Day that upset me was the over-usage of the matrix-style camera work and techno music. I miss the classic suspense and orchestral music of the classic Bonds. It seems to me like we’re drifting back into the goofy Roger Moore style of 007 movies…only this time around, it’s bad.

Matt Grimsey

Forget the tank chase in GoldenEye (if you can), forget the Thames chase in ‘The World is not Enough’, forget the general nuttiness in ‘Live and Let Die’ forget the fire engine chase in ‘View to a Kill’…any stunt that you have ever seen in a Bond film that you THOUGHT was cool, just forget it. Brace yourself for what is surely the most spectacular Bond film of all time. By spectacular, I mean non-stop spectacular – this film does not slow down! The plot is good, Gustav Graves makes a cool bad guy, Jinx = a tasty Bond girl and generally this is definately the best Brosnan Bond at least. It was good to see a bit of the if-you’re-not-going-to-help-then-get-out-of-my-way Bond that turned up in Licsence to Kill near the start. Interesting to see Bond doing deals with Chinese intelligence of all people to help get at Zao. I have seen IMDB reviews for ‘The Bourne Identity’. I have seen IMDB reviews for XXX. Elements of both seem to say one thing ‘Bond should retire’ or something along those lines. I have now seen both the Bourne Identity and XXX. I will say this: Jason Bourne has just been cooly blown away. Xander Cage is still around to fight another day but one thing is for certain. James Bond is not going to retire any time soon!

Rocco T.

This movie was a very good Bond film. It seemed as though the filmakers wanted this Bond to be HUGE. I mean it’s completely over the top. Surfing, ultrafast cars, ice, fencing, and more martinis. And the movie is up to date with the technology of the world today. And it was also cool seeing Madonna in a movie. Definitely a great Bond film.

B.J. Haun

After 40 years and an undiscribeable contribution to movie history, one wonders “can 007 offer any more?” The answer is most definitley yes. I can say without a doubt that this is what I consider to be the ultimate James Bond Movie.

Pierce Brosnan, is once again perfectly tough, suave, and witty. That he is able to do so seemingly effortlessly may be why he is so underrated in the role. A jack of all trades, and not just specializing in one part. He has really explore the James Bond “under the skin” and has consistently presented a decidedly more introspective interpretation than any of his predecessors. In this, his fourth 007 adventure, he has made the role his own. While I loved him in TWINE, Die Another Day makes Brosnan Bond.

Briskly paced, crisply shot, wonderfully directed and cast, and written with unprecedented inspiration, Die Another Day standardizes James Bond as the quisenntal hero of the twenty-first century, yet never loses sight of what makes him great. This is without a doubt James Bond’s all time high!

Tyson Falk

I thought this was by far one of the better Bond movies. With an awesome co-starring job by Halle Berry, it makes it more enjoyable cause not all the scenes are of Bond being the hero. It had many awesome action scenes, my favorite the chase of the Vanquish and the Jaguar on the ice, and it had a good ending, and left you wondering with that last scene of Moneypenny. One of the few things I did not like is the similarity to Goldeneye with the satellite in space that could blow up and target anything it wanted to practically. Overall, an awesome movie that I would love to see again and again.


I was very surprised by and throughly enjoyed this movie. It exceeded all of my expectations that I held for it before its release. I of course was skeptical, with the Bond franchise seeming to want to “cash-in” with having Halle Berry play Jinx, but I was proved wrong. The two great things I enjoyed about this movie were the homages to previous Bond movies and the twist in the plot regarding MI6 agent Miranda Frost. Halle Berry did okay, but in no way was an “equal to Bond” as she said her character was in various interviews about Jinx. Hopefully this homage to the olden days will bring back the classic aspects of Bond from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Greg Lamont

Hello fellow Bond fans and newbies alike. I am writing about DAD to let all know that regardless whether you like this movie or not, it is bad overall for the series. It’s a shame the Brosnan made such a great Bond, but he came at a time when the creativity suffered. GoldenEye was his best and Tomorrow Never Dies was pretty good, but those last two sucked as Bond flicks. No suspense, no exoticness, no orchestrated musical score. Without these things Bond is just John McClain, Rambo, or anyone Will Smith plays in the summer. The only suspense DAD has is Gustav turning out to be the General’s son. And it’s no suspenseful buildup, just a surprise. I love Halle, but “Yo momma!” in a Bond movie?! Come on! Also, the gunbarrel sequence has been cool since 1962, so why run up the budget unnecessarily to make THAT cgi? And the invisible car? Bullsh*t! Just getting ridiculous with special effects, in my opinion. More cool stunts feels like a more classic Bond. Whoever makes the next Bond film, I hope he studies The Spy Who Loved Me, Octopussy, From Russia With Love, or The Living Daylights. And bring back John Barry while you’re at it too cause these young cats can’t compose a Bond film. So DAD gets a 5.5 out of 10. It’s no Diamonds Are Forever bad and really isn’t boring, but it’s just not Bond.