Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Reviews

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The Kopesky’s

This is most likely one of my favorite Bond films. Las Vegas is an excellant setting for a 007 movie. Although the opening scene is a bit hokey, the rest of the movie plays out well, and Tiffany Case is one of my all time favorite Bond Girls. And the two assassins: Mr. Wint, and Mr. Kidd are two of the most creative and ‘fruity’ Bond villians I’ve seen in a long time, Although the secenes toward the end with the oil rig battle are a little boring, (To me anyway), it still is pretty cool. But one thing that bothered me was that Las Vegas seemed a little plain, not quite as flashy as it should of been. This is most likely one of the better Bond films.

As the great entertainer Dean Martin used to sing, “I love Las Vegas!” Gambling. One of James Bond’s greatest vices. And what a perfect setting to employ this vice than the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas, NV. Bond is slick in this flick, with witty one-liners, and humor to boot. Also, the idea of corruption in the South African diamond industry is a new and ingenious plot-maker.

With the thrilling car chase through the main streets of Vergas, and the threat of world destruction with a satellite laser, Bond is top notch in this movie.