From Russia With Love (1963) Reviews

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Matt Minahan

It’s hard to believe, but the producers actually made a bond movie better than the original. From Russia With Love is truly a bond classic with the introduction to Q and his gadgets and the gypsy camp. The gypsy camp fight scene is without a doubt one of the best scenes in all of bond history. Red Grant is one of the best Bond villains, and the movie has some of the best Bond one-liners ever.

Is Rosa Klebb really that ugly? Wow!

This is a defining Bond movie, with the introduction of Q, the gadget man, and his charming tone and humorous comebacks. Although at some parts confusing, this movie really is a keeper. After seeing it over and over, I understand it more thoroughly, and appreciate it more.

The task that the producers had to make by coming up with a second Bond movie comprimable or better than the first was hard enough. But to actually set out and do it, that’s another thing. Memorable henchmen along with an in-depth plot can easily put it at the top of any “Top Bond Movies” list.