From Russia With Love (1963) Sound Clips

Gun Barrel Theme.
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Duration: 22 Seconds

James Bond: “Come in UNIVEX, James Bond here, over.”
Moneypenny: “He has been asking for you all morning, where in the world are you James?”
James Bond: “Well I have just been reviewing an old case.”
Sylvia Trench: “Oh so I am an old case now am I?”
James Bond: “Ssshhh!! Its the office!…er tell them him I am on my way will you?”
Sylvia Trench: “He is not on his way.”
James Bond: “Sylvia behave! I will be there in a hour.”
Moneypenny: “I will tell him, hey your old case sounds…interesting, James.”
James Bond: “Er, make that a hour and a half.”
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Duration: 40 Seconds

Ernst Stavro Blofeld: “Siamese fighting fish, fascinating creatures, brave but on the whole stupid. Yes very stupid. Except for the occasional one such as we have here, who lets the other two fight. While he waits, waits until the survivor is so exhausted that he can not defend himself. And then, like SPECTRE, he strikes.”
Colonel Klep: “I find the parallel amusing.”
Ernst Stavro Blofeld: “Our organization did not arrange for you to come over from the Russians just for amusement, Number 3.”
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Duration: 49 Seconds

James Bond: “Darling Moneypenny, you know I never even look at another woman.”
Moneypenny: “Oh really, James?”
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Duration: 4 Seconds

James Bond: “You’re one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen.”
Tatiana Romanova: “Thank you, but I think my mouth is too big.”
James Bond: “No its the right size. For me that is.”
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Duration: 14 Seconds

Kerim Bey: “My friend, she’s got you dangling.”
James Bond: “That doesn’t matter, all I want is that Lector.”
Kerim Bey: “All? Are you sure that’s all you want?”
James Bond: “Well…”
[They both laugh]
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Duration: 15 Seconds

Ernst Stavro Blofeld: “SPECTRE always delivers what he promises. Our whole organization depends on our keeping those promises. I warned you. We do not tolerate failure Number 3. You know the penalty.”
Colonel Klebb: “Yes, Number 1.”
Ernst Stavro Blofeld: “Our rules are very simple if you fail.”
Kronsteen: “Argghhh!”
Ernst Stavro Blofeld: “12 seconds. One day we most invent a faster working venom.”
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Duration: 41 Seconds