GoldenEye (1995) Reviews

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Bryan Hite

GoldenEye is without a doubt one of the better Bond movies out there today. I’ve searched around for Bond movie rankings and after Goldfinger, GoldenEye comes in there pretty high above the rest. Even though Timothy Dalton only did two movies, he set the tone for Pierce Brosnan. Pierce Brosnan on the other hand, gave it his all in GoldenEye. GoldenEye being the first Bond movie in 6 years, they had to keep up with the times. The Cold War was ending, computer programming was become a big hit and space travel was the norm. They added a good taste with 006, showing that Bond doesn’t always go alone on missions. And going with the Bond theme of having extraordinary Bond girl names, Xenia Onatopp just adds to that. Even though she is evil, when we first see her in the casino, you think she is the Bond girl. The new M, Judi Dench, puts new life into the role. The new Miss Moneypenny, Samantha Bond, keeps Lois Maxwell’s legacy alive. And outside of Xenia Onatopp’s shapely legs, no villian had such extraordinary features. My rating: 10/10. This one is for England James.

Matthew Chamberlain

Goldeneye just has to be the best Bond film ever! The start where he bungee jumps off the dam and knock out the guy in the loo is just so James Bond with the sarcastic remark “Sorry. Forgot to knock”. The tank chase is quite good but it lacks the shooting I think. The ending is quite good with all the bad guys dead but I liked Boris because he added some humour to the film. Pierce Brosnan fitted the role of 007 very well in this film, unlike die another day. In this film where is 007’s Walther PPK? It all seems to be about machine guns! The only bit where you see him use the PPK is in Trevelyan’s base where he kills a few soldiers befor surrendering. My rating for this film in 9.5 out of 10.

Matt M.

After six years of waiting James Bond is back in Goldeneye! With a new James Bond, M, Moneypenny and 90’s approach to the movie you thought it would have been one of the best Bond films ever, but I feel the movie is a mixed bag.

1. Pierce Brosnan seems to be a good Bond. I think he is the third best Bond ever, my favorite Bond is Roger Moore, then Sean Connery, then Pierce Brosnan. I feel though as if he tries too hard to be funny, and come one what happened to his Walther PPK? He mostly used machine guns in this movie.
2. I don’t like the new M, or Moneypenny. M seems to think Bond is a “Sexist Dinosaur” and relic of the Cold War, How old is James Bond, and she questions Bond’s authority. Moneypenny says Bond is sexually harassing her, the old Moneypenny would always try to get some form of affection from 007. I think Lois Maxwell is the best Moneypenny.
3. I like the plot of this movie. It’s interesting to see how 007 would defeat the traitor Alec Trevelyan 006 a.k.a Janus. Xenia Onatopp is a good henchwoman and Boris adds a bit of humor to the movie. The plot of the movie is that Alec steals a satellite called the Goldeneye and plans to break into the bank of England electronically moments before setting off the Goldeneye, erasing all records of the transaction. Boris is need to hack into the bank electronically and need General Orimovu to steal the key for the Goldeneye along with Xenia.
4. I like seeing John Doe Baker play Jack Wade of the C.I.A. He reminds me of Felix Leiter. It’s good to see Bond getting help from an American like he did in the classic Bond films.
5. Some of my favorite parts are the tank scene, the opening scene, and the final scene.

Matt Grimsey

Before ‘Die Another Day’ stepped up to blow some fresh competition away this was the best of the Brosnan Bonds. Before this film came out, I must admit that I had been surprised that a new Bond film was going to be made. At that point I had seen bits of several Bonds(though Goldfinger had been the only one I’d seem all the way through) and I’ll admit – I wasn’t sure why they were doing a new Bond. In this film M describes Bond as ‘a relic of the Cold War’ – and I did feel that Bond had been created for the Cold War and now it was over – what was there for Bond to do? The short-term answer turned out to be, clear up the Cold War’s mess – in the form of a reactivated Soviet satellite that’s being controlled by an ex-partner of Bond. It was the first Bond film I’d caught at the cinema and it was definately worth it!

Highlights include:
1. The tank scene – looked absolutely wicked back in ’95 and still looks pretty cool today.
2. “I am invincible!” Boris was the first thing I’d heard about from this movie – and even now he’s a good laugh – without the cornyness of some of the earlier henchmen! In short, I came out of the cinema thinking “If this is the new Bond – then I definately like it.”

Michael Rohfing

After an almost six year gap, Bond is back with a new style, suave, and a new movie: GoldenEye. Pierce Brosnan, an earlier Bond candidate makes debut in an incredible film about a simple bank robbery on a huge scale. 007’s companion Alec Trevelyan, 006 (Sean Bean), is believed to have been dead for four years, but he resurfaces as a member of an evil family with a history of war crimes. 006 has gained possession of a device called the GoldenEye, which sends a beam from a satellite on to its target, which will destroy every electric circuit on that spot on the earth. Brosnan does a great job as Bond along with his leading lady Izabella Scorupco who plays a computer programmer named Natalya Simonova. Bean is the perfect actor for the rebel 006, and Alan Cumming adds humor and wit as Trevelyan’s computer hacker Boris Grishenko. The action in this movie meets the expectations of any Bond film. Bond bungee jumps off a dam, drives a tank through city streets while being chased by gunmen, and has an amazing duel with Trevelyn above an enormous satellite dish. The only thing that detracts from the movie is Eric Serra’s musical score. It completely strays away from the big-band style of the 16 previous movies to more synthesized 90’s techno music. Other than that, GoldenEye’s awesome action and creative plot definitely make it a great movie.

Greg Wall

Goldeneye was the first James Bond that I ever remember seeing. It caught my attention right off with never-ending intensity and surprises. This Bond was so good, they made a game after it, keeping its name and all! This is one of the only James Bond movies with a game specifically made from it. As far as I know, Goldeneye is the only Bond movie that a 00 Agent (Alec Trevelyan 006) turns on Bond. Having Alec against him is very hard for Bond because Alec knows every device and strategy Bond uses since they were trained by the same people.

GoldenEye was just the first of many explosive new James Bond films with Pierce Brosnan as Bond. After Goldeneye, I watched many of the other Bonds, and have decided Pierce Brosnan has to be my favorite Bond.

This movie was definitely worth the six year wait from the previous film. The opening scene speaks for itself, grabbing the audience’s (at least my own) attention. Some people were worried that Brosnan could not fill the shoes of his predecessor, or measure up to the earlier Bonds. But Brosnan did just that. He has a trademark accent, like the other Bond’s do, and, in my opinion, fit into the shoes of Bond easily.

This movie brings a couple of new things to the table, like a backstabbing friend of Bond, in Alec Trevelyan. Also, this movie is the first of the Bonds to truly focus on another 00 agent besides Bond himself. After I saw this movie, I was thinking that in ones to come, they could have another 00 agent work with Bond, but actually help him and not backstab him. However, United Artists and MGM creatively had 006 fake his death, and bring up a feasible personal vendetta against 007.