Goldfinger (1964) Reviews

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Fred Lin

The plot of the movie is standard Bond-ish but more realistic than most – breaking into Fort Knox is a dream any villain would dare to act upon. The shame of this movie is to kill off the best looking Bond girl ever – Jill Masterson. There has not been a better looking Bond Girl since Shirley Eaton – imagine how she would fair in The Man With Golden Gun or Diamonds Are Forever (instead of Britt Ekland and Jill St. John, respectively)…

This movie is one of the Bond’s that everyone has seen. One of the most popular. It deals with something that everyone has, or at least will, think about: breaking in to Fort Knox. Being one of my personal favorites, Goldfinger has some of the greatest characters the Bond series has ever seen: Bond being better than ever, Goldfinger as mean as ever, and Oddjob as, well…ODD as ever. I think the movie gave some realism to the character of Bond, showing him do what most people his age do: golf.

Although Goldfinger’s plan to have Pussy Galore “spray” the small Kentucky city to sleep was a little far-fetched, the atmosphere of Goldfinger and his evil regime make this a memorable movie.