Licence To Kill (1989) Reviews

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In the summer of 1989 James Bond finally met his match. Compared to such blockbuster hits like Batman, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade or Lethal Weapon 2, Licence to Kill came out a loser. With 11 million US admissions and a disappointing 154 million dollars boxoffice, it is widely credited as a low-point to the entire series. That`s welcome, because it definetly deserves the credit. The entire plot of the movie is drastically different than its predecessors. Perhaps the change was too big for the times audience, who’d know. Timothy Dalton performs great acting and was just the right age for the role. In my opinion, LTK could have been so succesful, if they’d just done it with a little more relaxed acting. I propose The Living Daylights was the better of Dalton’s Bond appearances, but even that movie was a bit too rough and cold. But Timothy Dalton wasn’t the reason for that. I would put it like: Timothy Dalton was good actor to play Bond, but his Bonds weren’t what the audience were used to. Although he made just two Bond movies, his work reaches the same style that Sean Connery always had, Roger Moore never had, and what Pierce Brosnan almost had in DAD.


Matt M.

This was truly a pitiful James Bond movie. It was the first movie which was not based on a novel by Ian Fleming and the movie turned out to be the embarrassment of the 007 series. This movie is too serious. Dalton is consistently telling people to leave because it’s too dangerous or I work better alone. He even told Q, the man who has save his life on many occasions with his gadgets, to take a hike. The movie could have come up with a better plot than 007 have a personal vendetta against a drug baron? Come on? I like the vendetta part, but why a drug baron? Even bring back Blofeld would have been better. This movie got a PG-13 rating, but were is the sex? The Timothy Dalton era ended the same way as George Lazenby’s on a down note

Matt Grimsey

1. Timothy Dalton may only have appeared in only two Bond films but his Bond’s have a 100% quality record which is more than I can say for the Moore-era.

2. This Bond doesn’t have style per se, the effects aren’t the best, there is no grand scheme. For those who say that a drug baron is to lower class an adversary for Bond let me just say this.

This is not about drugs. A guy, who happens to be a drug baron manages to take out the newlywed wife of Bond’s best friend(and nearly takes out the friend). As a result Bond is pretty pissed off. The fight is personal. And in this fight James Bond is ice-cool.

Nothing more to say really!


This movie is my other favorite Bond. Timothy Dalton plays Bond realisticly and well, but there is still something missing from his acting. Carey Lowell plays her part as CIA pilot Pam Bouvier very well and Talisa Soto as Lupe is also terrific. The villains are propably the best of the hole Bond formula. Sanchez (Robert Davi) is very funny and carismatic villain and Krest is a good villain too. All in all, we have Q in the field and that`s making this movie very entertaining. The movie is maybe little too long and it`s quite violentic but that`s all right.In all aspects, LTK is one of the best Bond movies that I`ve seen.


This movie is one of the rare ones out of the whole series. It is like Goldfinger, and GoldenEye, because Bond is personally after the villain, and not doing it as a mission. It is definitly one of my favorites, and sends chills up your spine when he kills the villain.
The plot, is also great, of how they mix drugs so that it dissolves into the gasoline to easily smuggle it. All in all, how Bond gets Sanchez, and how it is all about drug overlords, is a first, and is unique. Great movie.

The return of badass Bond, and a sweet return. The smoking, swearing Dalton Bond has to do battle with the drug lord Franz Sanchez. Another rare Bond movie where drugs are involved. An interesting point in the movie, where Bond and M get in such a heated argument that his licence to kill (hence the name of the movie) is revoked.

Despite this, it really adds to Dalton’s character. Any question of him being a “badass” Bond is out the window now, with this event verifying its truth. The gadgets in this movie are memorable, with the toothepaste C-4 explosives, and signature sniper rifle. Another rarity, when Bond tries to assassinate someone in cold blood. Also in this movie was Felix Leiter’s wedding, where Bond arrives in thrilling James Bond fashion by parachuting to the steps of the church.