Moonraker (1979) Reviews

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Personally, I dislike the movie on the whole, but there are a few good points I like. The villain, Mr Hugo Drax is very megalomaniac and even reminds me of Goldfinger in fact. And I liked Jaws too, though I disapprove that he was pulled back to Moonraker. The girls is this movie are pretty but cheeky. Corinne is very good in my opinion but Lois Chiles as Dr. Holly Goodhead makes me tired. She`s a pure copy of XXX from TSWLM and isn`t playing well at all. Although she loooks rather nice and (hot!) out. Yeah! So the movie itself is a disaster but there are just a few unforgettable scenes. 1) the boat chase in River Tapirape 2) fight against Chang in the museum 3) the centrifuge scene. Worst scenes makes a much longer listing: 1) the whole time in space (last 20 mins.) 2) the Jaws meets the Girl sequence 3) Jaws turns to good site 4) Drax is “having a fly to space” a bit too EASILY. Isn`t very dramatic scene like it was in TSWLM.

Matt M.

Moonraker is a lot like The Spy Who Loved Me except the plot is better done and is one of the strangest and best plots in a Bond movie. The plot in both movies is the same: to destroy earth and have people live underwater (TSWLM), or live in space (Moonraker). The location is very original, space. The movie is funny, like when Q state’s “I think he’s attempting reentry sir” and when Jaw’s falls in love. I like the part when Bond is with Drax and they are hunting for fowl and Bond misses the fowl and shoots the sniper out of the tree. Drax is a very good villain.


Just like the Moonraker goes in a search of his dream of gold, so did the producers of Moonraker to follow the succes of the Star Wars. It`s good that they did, because it had very good box office results and gave the producers funds to do even more Bond movies.

But, back to the movie. It`s filled in with very good actors, the villains are superb and the girls are wild. But then again, not quite. The plot is very unrealistic, but maybe it`s good thing, bacause it gives the director more choices to build an entertaining movie.

Moonraker is the best Bond movie of the 70`s, but I`m not sure if it is the best of all 20ies. It`s the funniest, most entertaining and the most unrealistic Bond movie. Yeah.

Rocco T.

This is an okay Bond movie. But not the greatest. It seemed just like another sci-fi movie like Star Wars near the end. And the feel of the movie was a little creepy. Like Hugo Drax’s plan to kill every human on the earth. But the movie does have one of my favorite scenes, which is when Bond is searching through Holly Goodhead’s hotel room and finds out she’s an agent.

It was good to see Jaws come back as a henchman again, and to see Bond enter the space age. However, this movie is probably the most unrealistic of all of the Bond films, with Star War like laser battles in space. However, there are a couple parts to the movie that are positive.

Michael Lonsdale does an excellent job playing the megalomaniac villain Hugo Drax. Lonsdale, being a stern yet calm and composured actor brings these qualities to this movie, enhancing the character of Drax. This is unlike the previous ruthless, merciless Bond villains. Definitely a unique Bond film, but nothing too special about this one.

Jake Garden

I am a true lover of the Moonraker
and I can’t get tired of it.

Moonraker, in my opinion, is the best example of what every Bond movie should be like. Filled with action, adventure and comic, Moonraker
really makes the audience enjoy.

I think it’s amazing that people would argue about which Bond films were not serious enough. Come on, serious enough? In my mind, Roger Mooreīs Bond movies, especially Moonraker, is a true example what a real Bond movie should be.

I mean why would anyone want to watch a movie, not only a Bond movie, that is very serious and realistic. I find Moonraker a very relaxing way to spend time when itīs snowing or raining. Moonraker is the Bond of the 70`s. Itīs too irritating that many Bond `fans` would very much like the Bond movies stay the same. What if Moonraker and say The Spy Who Loved Me hadnīt been fantastic, unrealistic and entertaining. They might have been far less succesful.

And yet another flop like The Golden Gun easily would have most likely ended the entire Bond franchise. What made those two films so succesful in the end of 70īs. Of course bit
of the glory would go to Star Wars and Close Encounters but I suppose the big thing was that TSWLM and MR were so much differnt to DAF, LALD
and TMWTGG. With huge sets and fantastic stunts TSWLM made the new standards to the Bond movies. And then MR just continued with the same style.

So, what my all in all opinion is, that TSWLM and MR gave lot of fresh ideas, `new air`, to the Bond movies. The ones who liked the Timothy
Daltonīs gritty and cold portrayal, please remember that without the TSWLM and MR, the entire Bond franchise had propably ended pretty fast if the style TMWTGG would have had support. Luckily, it apparently wouldnīt.