Moonraker (1979) Sound Clips

Gun Barrel Theme.
Size: 244.0 KB
Duration: 20 Seconds

[Q is outfitting Bond with a wrist dart gun]
Q: “This is now being issued as standard equipment. Strap it on your wrist. It’s activated my nerve impulses from the wrist muscles.”
James Bond: “Like this?”
[James flicks his wrist, shooting a dart at one of M’s paintings]
M “Oh, thank you 007!”
Q: “Be careful, will you? 10 darts, 5 blue tipped with armor piercing heads, 5 red tipped cyanide coated causing death in 30 seconds.”
James Bond: “Very novel Q. You must get them in the stores for Christmas.”
Size: 116.0 KB
Duration: 28 Seconds

[In a helicopter flying to Drax’s residence]
Corinne Dufour: “The Drax residence – every stone bought from France. Cute isn’t it?”
James Bond: “Magnificent. Why didn’t he buy the Eiffel Tower as well?”
Corinne Dufour: “He did! But the French government refused him an export permit.”
Size: 69.7 KB
Duration: 17 Seconds

Sir Hugo Drax: “Look after Mr. Bond. See that some harm comes to him.”
Size: 21.0 KB
Duration: 6 Seconds

James Bond: “Good afternoon.”
Holly Goodhead: “Can I help you?”
James Bond: “Yes my name is Bond, James Bond, I am looking for Dr. Goodhead.”
Holly Goodhead: “You just found her.”
James Bond: “A woman.”
Holly Goodhead: “Your powers of observation do you credit, Mr. Bond.”
Size: 56.4 KB
Duration: 15 Seconds

James Bond: “We would be better off working together, d’etant?”
Holly Goodhead: “Agreed.”
James Bond: “Understanding?”
Holly Goodhead: “Possibly.”
James Bond: “Cooperation?”
Holly Goodhead: “Maybe.”
James Bond: “Trust?”
Holly Goodhead: “Out of the question.”
Size: 63.7 KB
Duration: 16 Seconds

[As Manuela prepares James a drink]
James Bond: “Do you come with the suite?”
Manuela: “It depends who is renting it. Vodka martini, shaken not stirred.”
Size: 25.6 KB
Duration: 6 Seconds

[James hangs off the edge of a cable car suspended above Rio De Janeiro]
Dr. Holly Goodhead: “Hang on, James!”
James Bond: “The thought had occurred to me!”
Size: 33.5 KB
Duration: 9 Seconds

James Bond: “I might have guessed.”
Holly Goodhead: “Do you know him?”
James Bond: “Not socially. His name’s Jaws. He kills people.”
Size: 27.3 KB
Duration: 7 Seconds

Sir Hugo Drax: “Mr. Bond, you defy all my attempts to plan an amusing death for you. You’re not a sportsman, Mr. Bond. Why did you break off the encounter with my pet python?”
James Bond: “I discovered he had a crush on me.”
Size: 53.3 KB
Duration: 14 Seconds

Sir Hugo Drax: “At least I shall have the pleasure of putting you out of my misery. Desolated Mr Bond.”
James Bond: “Heartbroken, Mr. Drax. Allow me. Take a giant step for mankind.”
[Bond kills Drax, sending him out to space]
Holly Goodhead: “Where’s Drax?”
James Bond: “Oh, he had to fly.”
Size: 151.0 KB
Duration: 38 Seconds

[Jaws, to his girlfriend as they toast (this is the only line Jaws ever speaks in a Bond film)]
Jaws: “Well, here’s to us!”
Size: 36.7 KB
Duration: 9 Seconds

NASA Officer: “We should have audio/visual within a few minutes from the remote on board TV monitors. As this is the first joint venture between our two countries I am having it patched directly to the White house and Buckingham Palace.”
Minister of Defence: “Well I am sure her Majesty will be fascinated.”
NASA Technician: “We have audio/visual.”
NASA Officer: “Ah, at last!”
[Bond and Goodhead show up on screen in bed together]
M: “007!”
Minister of Defence: “My god! What’s Bond doing?!”
Q: “I think he’s attempting re-entry, sir.”
Size: 128.0 KB
Duration: 32 Seconds