Never Say Never Again (1983) Reviews

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Matt M.

Never Say Never Again is the unofficial movie. The movie is just a cheap rip-off of Thunderball. This movie is the worst Bond movie, it is up there with On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Tomorrow Never Dies, and License to Kill. The James Bond theme and the gun barrel are missing, which make the movie not as good as the others. M and Moneypenny are awful, Moneypenny doesn’t seem to be as important as she used to be, M just seems to hate Bond and the way he does his job, chasing woman and Vodka Martini’s are the reason why we fell in love with bond movies. Q does aright but just doesn’t do as a good job as Desmond Lleweyen. Sean Connery is also to old to play the part of 007 in this movie.

There are few things I like in this movie. I like Kim Basinger as Domino and Klaus Maria Brandauer as Largo.

Greg Wall

Never Say Never Again is another perfect Bond film. Sean Connery is my 2nd favorite Bond actor (Pierce Brosnan being my favorite). Even though it followed the thought of Thunderball, I think they did great putting new twists in and making adjustments so its not exactly the same. Max Largo was a perfect enemy of Bond, cruel when you get to know him, a nice guy at first glance. This is one of the better Bond movies in my perspective, even though I still havent seen Thunderball.

An interesting movie. I thought Sean Connery did very well with what he had to work with. Although awkward at times with new characters for M and Q and Bond’s allies, this movie pulls off what Bond movies normally do: the “David vs. Golaith” effect.

In the movie, Bond is a “mere” British agent, with his nemesis being Max Largo, a millionaire psychotic. Both Kim Basinger and Klaus Maria-Brandauer were excellent in this movie, playing the wooed Bond girl and trademark megalomaniac, respectively. Following the basic plot of Thunderball, this movie falls short from being better than its predecessor, but, in its own right, reveals a side of Connery that was never before seen in the series.