Never Say Never Again (1983) Sound Clips

James Bond: “My name is Bond..James Bond”
Size: 12.3 KB
Duration: 3 Seconds

M: “To many free radicals that’s your problem”
James Bond: “Free radicals sir?”
M: “Yes there toxins that destroy the body and the brain. Caused by eating too much red meat and white bread, and too many dry martinis.”
James Bond: “Then I shall cut out the white bread sir!”
Size: 59.5 KB
Duration: 15 Seconds

Moneypenny: “Have you got an assignment James?”
James Bond: “Yes, yes Moneypenny. I’m to eliminate all free radicals.”
Moneypenny: “Oh! Do be careful!”
Size: 51.2 KB
Duration: 13 Seconds

M: “I send you to a health farm to get yourself in shape, instead you demolish it!”
James Bond: “The man did try to kill me sir”
M: “Oh! Caught you seducing his wife did he?”
James Bond: “No sir, not at all. But in fact I lost 4 pounds and god knows how many free radicals.”
M: “That is kind of attitude that tempts me to suspend you 007!!”
Size: 64.7 KB
Duration: 20 Seconds

Algy: “Good to see you Mr Bond! Things have been awfully dull round here. Bueraucrats runing the place, everything done by the book, can’t make a decision unless the computer gives you the go ahead. Now your on this, I hope we are going to have some graterious sex and violence?”
James Bond: “I certainly hope so too!”
Size: 57.8 KB
Duration: 16 Seconds

Nigel Small-Fawcett: “Mr Bond! I say Mr Bond! Nigel Small-Fawcett British Embassy Nassau.”
James Bond: “Nice to meet you Nigel.”
Nigel Small-Fawcett: “Sorry I’m late but as your one of these undercover jollies I took the precaution of not being followed.”
James Bond: “And that’s why you shouted my name across a harbour?”
Nigel Small-Fawcett: “Oh god did I? Oh I’m sorry! Damm! Damm! Sorry I’m rather new to all this!”
Size: 111.0 KB
Duration: 28 Seconds

Computer Voice: “Thank you, Presidental authority is confirmed for change of test procedure. Dummy warheads will be replaced by W-80 thermonuclear device. Have a nice day!”
Size: 50.2 KB
Duration: 9 Seconds

Fatima Blush: “Whoaa!! Oh! How reckless of me, I made you all wet!”
James Bond: “Yes, but my martini’s still dry.”
Size: 53.7 KB
Duration: 15 Seconds

Largo: “It seems I underestimated you. 267,000 dollars.”
James Bond: “I’ll settle with one dance with Domino.”
Largo: “So. Do you lose as gracefully as you win?”
James Bond: “I wouldn’t know I’ve never lost.”
Size: 81.3 KB
Duration: 20 Seconds

James Bond: “Your brother’s dead. Keep dancing!”
Size: 20.5 KB
Duration: 5 Seconds

James Bond: “Commander Peterson are you equipped with the new XT-7B’s?”
Commander Peterson: “That’s top secret. How do you know about them?”
James Bond: “From the Russian translation of one of your service manuals. Sorry about that!”
Size: 55.8 KB
Duration: 14 Seconds