Octopussy (1983) Reviews

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Matt Minahan

This movie was okay. First off: It confused me whether Octopussy helps Bond or the villain. Seeing Bond dressed in a clown suit almost made me cry both with laughter and sadness, and the whole circus thing is weird. The scene with the tiger was stupid, and Bond being able to tell a tiger to sit – yeah right. Khan is a good villain, and the finale on top of the plane was sweet. All in all this movie was mediocre.

Rocco T.

I looked at the back cover of this movie and thought it would be great. I mean even the beginning was good. But I absolutely won’t ever watch this movie again. It might have been better if it had made any sense. I couldn’t even tell if Octopussy was the villain or not. And if i understood it correctly it was all over a faberge egg! I expected better from James Bond.


You get the sense of how the movie will be by seeing the name on the DVD case. Odd/mysterious…But it sounds good! This movie deals with the death of a fellow 00 agent, again a rarity in the series. Bond is given the motive of revenge for his actions, which adds to the suspense. Some highlights of the film are the mini jet that Bond flies in the opening scene, as well as the dagger juggling twins Mischka and Grischka.

Also, in the movie, we see an interesting display of Bond. He goes to an auction and “tries” to outbid Kamal Khan for a Faberge egg. The reason for this is because his fellow 00 agent was grasping one of the expensive eggs at the time of his demise. The plot unfolds as we see that the egg leads to the traveling circus of Octopussy, with her boyfriend being Kamal Khan himself. I believe this Bond movie had one of the best plots of the series, as everything seems to fall in to place and make sense as the movie goes on.