On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) Reviews

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The Kopesky’s

Although this movie seemed to start out intresting and promising, it was somewhat tedious. I kind of thought George Lazenby would be good as 007, but I was somehat dissapointed. This movie would have been better with Sean Connery, it the innagural Roger Moore.


Although this movie seems promising with the opening scene, and Lazenby saying probably the most famous line of his career (“This never happenened to the other fella…”), this movie falls short of being a Bond movie gem. Lazenby’s accent bothered me throughout the movie, as I found myself constantly comparing him to Connery, proving that Connery was better in all aspects of being 007.

However, this movie has some memorable moments. James Bond is married, and loses his wife quickly after she is assassinated by a SPECTRE agent. This event is seen in future movies, fueling Bond’s fire against the evil in the world. An overall okay movie, with some exciting ski chases in the picturesque Alps Mountains.

Matt M.

This movie has to be one of the worst bond movies. Whether it is the camera angles, or the awfully fake looking fight sequences, the movie just doesnt have the feel of a James Bond movie. First off, George Lazenby doesnt make a good James Bond. I think he tries to hard to be funny and tries to be like Sean Connery. The movie plot also doesn’t help him. I don’t think a love story or James Bond getting married aren’t right for a 007 movie plot. The movie is also very long and can bore people. I just think all the characters at MI-6 act differently toward Lazenby than they did to Connery. The villains in the movie are also not that great. Although Telly Savalas plays Blofeld decently I feel that he was not as good at the role as Donald Pleasence was. Blofeld should not smile and should be more exclusive like he was in You Only Live Twice.

There were some things in the movie I did like. I like the ski chase, which is the debut of ski chases in the Bond movie series, and how Bond reminisces with the other five Bond movies. All in all though, this movies is still one of the worst entries in the series.