Thunderball (1965) Reviews

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This is Arthur from Mexico and i think Thunderball is the best movie of Sean Connery because in that time he looked young, strong and it is a very good novel and movie and the ending of Thunderball is also one of the best of all and we have to mention the production of the movie that was great, just think they looked for that famous gadget (jetpack) that flies that only two persons knew how to use it . Emilio largo is one of the best villains supported by spectre, sometimes I dont like when the principal villain is Blofeld because is boring and he doesnt die.

Rocco T.

Thunderball is a GREAT bond movie. Bond is as smart as ever. I love the villain, Emilio Largo. He’s a a completely mad and ruthless man. And Domino is a cool bond girl. And the under water scene’s are spectacular.

This movie is most famous for its underwater sequences, in shark tanks and in the open ocean water. And rightly so. This is a gem of a Bond movie. The evil SPECTRE organization holds the world hostage as it obtains two nuclear warheads. This is a conceivable, realistic plot.

Never Say Never Again tried to mimic this plot, but did so unsuccessfully, because of its lack of talent in cast. Yes, Connery was in NSNA, but in this movie, Connery is not the only star. Adolfi Celi, with his signature patch over his eye, as well as Claudine Auger and Luciana Paluzzi as the Bond girls, give this movie a creepy but Bond-esque feel to it.

My favorite scene of the movie is when Bond snoops around Largo’s beautiful mansion at night, avoiding the guards with evident spy-like ability. The struggle between Bond and the guard trapped in the shark tank is classic, and should be seen by anyone that considers themself a true Bond fan.