The Living Daylights (1987) Reviews

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Matt M.

The good Bond movie that Timothy Dalton was in. Unlike License To Kill, this movie was not that serious. After the first scene of the movie, I thought that the quality of actors that played Bond would continue from the Roger Moore-era, well just for this movie only. The Aston Martin V8 is a good Bond car, and one of my favorite Bond phrase’s was “He got the boot.” The cast of villains seemed good, the Bond girl was good. One thing I thought I would never see in a Bond movie was Bond joining forces with Middle-Eastern people. But at the time England opposed Russian more than Afghanistan. A surprising movie all the way around, The Living Daylights is a top five all time great Bond movie.

Timothy Dalton makes a good first impression in TLD, as does the Bond girl, Maryam D’Abo. The scene where Bond shoots a sniper rifle out of Kara Milovy’s hands and refers to the title in saying that he “scared the living daylights out her..” is ingenious and delightful. When I first saw this movie, and see it again and again, this opening scene puts me in the Bond frame of mind.

This movie pokes fun at the often cliched ski scenes of the Bond series, when Bond and Kara elude the bad guys on the case of her cello. Classic. Also, Bond’s Aston Martin V8 is in tip top form in this flick, showing off some great gadgetry and stunt work. All in all a good film, with Timothy Dalton putting out a strong performance in his first outing as Bond.