The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) Reviews

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Matt M.

This is a great movie and is in the top 5 of all time Bond movies. You get the feeling that throughout the whole movie that Scaramanga is a far superior “marksman” than Bond, and in the final “duel”, your feel Scaramanga will actually defeat 007! Nick-Nack, the smallest enemy of Bond, turned out to be one of the funniest! The car chase with J.W. Pepper was hilarious, and the the jump was the best event to happen to Bond movies up that point in time. Goodnight had a blond attitude, but hey, she was hot, so I’ll let it slide. TMWTGG is a must see 007 flick.

I think I have a bias for this movie, because it is one of my favorites. I love the whole feel of the film. An exotic island, a mischevious henchman, beautiful women, an assassin who charges a million a shot, and an old western ending between Bond and the villain.

This is one of the few movies where Bond is seen as a bit vulnerable, with a worthy opponent in Scaramanga. At times, it is wondered if Bond will pull out as the victor. Of course, he does, but that slight notion that Bond might not make it allows this movie, in my opinion, to rise above the others, giving it a realistic view of Bond as a vulnerable human like all of us.

Greg Lamont

Oh YES! Now this is a Bond movie I recommend to all who have never seen it. People may say what they will about formula, but Golden Gun is to me a Bond movie in the tradition I prefer. I like exciting movies, but a movie doesn’t have to be loud and rambunctious to be tense. As long as Francisco Scaramanga (the name alone is worth the price of admission) was alive, I truly believed he was going to kill Bond in any scene.

And about Roger Moore, he is MY James Bond, simply because I think he took Bond as serious as you are supposed to. I enjoyed his puns and jokes as much as his gunfire. Bond is a secret agent that everyone knows and fights super human villians, let’s not confuse him with Poirot or Sherlock Holmes. You shouldnt take Bond DEAD seriously, and Moore doesnt, which makes me favor him. I can totally believe that away from business, James Bond as a person is just a regular Brit who happens to be a naturally funny witty guy.

I think this movie is Moore at his most concerned. He abuses a fine woman, later seduces her, then doesnt really care when he finds her dead. Goodnight is irresistably gorgeous as a Bond girl, and that is all that matters. Bond girls are there for scenery not to steal scenes from Bond with their acting. To me, Scaramanga is a legendary villian. Not superhuman, just very confident and superbly skilled at what he does (one shot kills for a mill). I think it’s one of the first time viewers listen closely to the lyrics in the theme song because it’s so good. Very sweet! I give Golden gun an 8 and a half out of ten. GO ROGER GO!