Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Reviews

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Matt M.

This movie was pathetic! James Bond is like a ninja in this movie, all aspect of being a secret agent is gone. All 007 does is go around with a machine gun and mow down people, the action was more based for Terminator than a James Bond film! I don’t like seeing 007 on a motorcycle, it’s and original idea but doesn’t look right in a Bond flick. Elliot Carver has to be the stupidest villain I could have ever imagined. I like the BMW 750, but I though James Bond was British. This movie sinks as low as License To Kill and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

BJ Haun

In TND we get glimpses of a Bond I can easily live with. He’s hard edged, serious, yet fun to romp around with for two hours of screen time.I only wish they’d spent time on substance instead of a plethora of explosions and gunfire. When I saw GoldenEye, I was completely taken back by it. Now, I will admit that its sole flaw was its somewhat overreliance on machine guns during the action scenes. Yet GoldenEye can defend itself for this by saying that the use of machine guns in these actions scenes were plausable becuase Bond would not have stood a chance (example, the scene where he invades Janus headquarters, and is cornered. He fights off numerous guards with machine guns with a PPK that he only gets 8 shots with. I mean lets be practical, Bond dosen’t stand a chance) TND however has little to no excuse for this and the sad part is it plagues its whole finale. Bond goes into complete Terminator mode and mows down anyone in sight. Where is the style and grace in that! I mean he is not even in a Bond like outfit! Despite the unbeiveably disapointing finale, TND has much to praise.

The scene inside the Hotel Room is sheer magic, and the proceeding scene with Kaufman is also insipired. Sitting in the hotel room, drinking, putting his silencer on the trusty PPK and waiting. Taken almost entirley from Dr. No, it’s one of the few times in this films that I feel James Bond himself showed up onscreen. The Killing of Kaufman, and the look in Brosnans eyes while doing it is magic, a reminder of the kind of moments James Bond was meant to have. The car chase is fun, but its completely overdone by the bike chase (sorry I cant stand two vehicle chases in one Bond movie so close together) The opening sequence is inspired however, I think you will find thats one thing almost everyone will say about the Brosnan Bonds.

All in All, while this look may seem like a pan, I thought this movie was an above average Bond. Paris Carver would have been better had she been Syliva Trench, and Wai Lin would have been sexier had she been played by Lucy Lu. I like that Wai Lin can hold her own, but honestly, she has to be good looking to right? But, its good to see the producers have learned this lesson by giving a role like Jinx to a girl like Halley Berry. And had the plot had a little more substance and depth, we could have had something going (not to say its completely out there, as it is very topical considering the times).

All in All, Tomorrow Never Dies is a strong action adventure movie, but an above average Bond movie. It had all the hallmarks to a Bond film, just throw in a deeper story and we could have had something (but hey than I probably would not have been as impressed with TWINE!)

The second Brosnan movie. I really liked this one. The idea of a news baron manipulating the news for self benefit is a great idea for a villain, and is a perfect fit in the Bond series. I liked Elliot Carver, as well as the gadgets that Bond uses to outsmart Carver and his thugs.

The BMW 750i with the remote control in the cell phone was great, and was given an excellent introduction by Q, as well as the other features on the car. Teri Hatcher and the other Bond women were stunning in the movie, with Bond having a women sidekick for the first time in the series. Not only is the movie pleasing, but the soundtrack is as well. I bought the soundtrack and enjoy it very much. Sheryl Crow’s rendition of “Tomorrow Never Dies” truly captures the 007 atmosphere of the film, while kd lang’s version is a great ending theme.