Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Tidbits

  • The original title was Tomorrow Never Lies, but the marketing department liked the printer’s incorrect version instead. As for what Tomorrow Never Dies means, who knows?
  • The script was not finished at the beginning of filming
  • Teri Hatcher was three months pregnant when she filmed her scenes
  • Brosnan encorporated a little bite into his kiss that was frequentally talked about in interviews by Teri Hatcher
  • Teri Hatcher took the part to fulfill her husband’s lifelong dream of being married to a Bond girl
  • A part of the Q scene was cut in which Q says “Here’s your new car”, openes a box with a live jaguar in it and says, “oops, wrong crate”. Although the scene was deleted you can still see the crate with the jaguar in the background.
  • The naval scenes with the stealth ship and the British Fleet were filmed at the Fox Baja Studios in Mexico, where Titanic (1997) was filmed. Miniature models were used to represent the stealth ship and the British fleet.
  • There was a scene cut from the end of the car chase. After the car goes off the roof and into the Avis office Bond walks up to the crowd. He looks at the car then tells an Avis employee that he left the keys in the car.