The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) Reviews

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Matt M.

The Spy Who Loved Me is one of the most famous Bond movies ever, and like Goldfinger, most everyone has seen it. That doesn’t mean that it is a Bond classic. The opening scene were Bond is skiing and then jumps off a mountain is one of the most famous Bond openings. I also like the Lotus, it is an amazing car, one of the most famous Bond cars in the whole series because the can also drive underwater! Jaws is one of the best villains is one of the best villains in the whole series and he compares with Oddjob in Goldfinger.

The movie also has its weak points. Stromberg doesn’t seem like a good villain, and XXX is strange. She is in the KGB and helps Bond! Having the British and the Russians join forces is stupid. XXX says she will kill Bond, but for some reason she doesn’t. Parts of this movie made little sense. This movie is okay.

Rocco T.

This is a great Bond movie! I love the idea of the Atlantis base. And my favorite part of the movie is Anya Amasova. She’s one of the only Bond girls that seems equal to him. And that’s a great thing!

Nathan Kinzel

Though Ian Fleming was definitely right in demanding that the film have nothing to do with his book–definitely the worst of the 12 (not counting For Your Eyes Only, and Octopussy)–what they did to The Spy Who Loved Me was terrible. The wisdom of Bond and his superiors is hideous and tears the plot apart. What on earth is 007 doing accepting a beverage, (this occurs when they first meet at the bar), from a KGB agent?! Shouldn’t his first thought be that this is an attempt by the enemy to kill him?! That organization is estimated at killing between 3.5 and 20 million of their own people under Stalin! In relation to this, when Stromberg outlines his plan, XXX whimpers about “mass murder.” Come on! An organization like her’s definitely has no right to complain about that feature.

Even worse, what in the hell was the Ministry of Defense thinking when they invited Anya and her superiors into Q’s lab?! This is the archenemy of the West and they’re showing them top-secret equipment! Also, about midway through the film, Anya claims that she intends to kill Bond after the mission is over. This is due to the fact that he was responsible for killing her boyfriend who attempted to assassinate Bond at the start of the film. And yet even after hearing this information 007 still puts implicit trust in this enemy agent. He shows no indication of making sure he is armed when he’s near her and at the very end he rescues her and all but give his side-arm to the Commie. She then threatens to shoot him when he gets champagne for them, but relents for some reason, shoots the cork instead, and proceeds to have sex with him. This is a very irrational (earlier in the film she forgets the keys when she tries to escape in a hitman’s car, is inexperienced with a standard transmission, falls asleep while they’re imprisoned, can’t speak any middle-eastern language [even when she’s specifically sent there], carries no weapons other than knock-out cigarettes, and on top of all that doesn’t seem to realizes that unless she kills herself too, or thinks up some other convincing BS explanation for the homicide, knocking off Bond will cause major diplomatic trouble between the British and the Soviets), ungrateful, enemy agent and yet Bond takes no precessions against her at all. What an idiot! All this stupidity destroys the enjoyment of The Spy Who Loved Me.

This movie begins with probably the best/most famous opening scene that the Bond series has ever seen. To see Bond ski off that mountain and deploy that parachute while hearing the original James Bond theme play in the background is invigorating. The plot to this movie is seen in a later movie; that of Tomorrow Never Dies.

Karl Stromburg, the villain in TSWLM, is a megalomaniac who is trying to start a World War III, just as Elliot Carver wanted. With the introduction of the infamous Jaws, this movie shifts focus from the villain to the henchman, soemthing that wasn’t done since Goldfinger with Goldfinger and Oddjob.

Although the underwater lair of Stromburg is not really feasible, it was still a terrific idea, and enhanced the diversity of the Bond series.