The World Is Not Enough (1999) Reviews

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Matt Minahan

Finally Pierce Brosnan is in a good Bond movie. TWINE has a lot of good action and has a pretty good plot. Renard, although he was “invincible and superhuman,” was an excellent Bond villain. Judi Dench is better in this movie, but is still completely boring as M. This movie is Pierce Brosnan’s best Bond movie and is in the top 10 all time Bond movies.

Bryan D. Hite

If someone can give me a better “super hero” movie where the super hero actually gets hurt, you let me know. James Bond in “The World Is Not Enough” shows that Bond is indeed just a normal person who has skills. Brosnan has his best performance as Bond since his first, GoldenEye. I think that he has evolved into the role very nicely, like Moore and Connery did in the past. Although the Bond producers bring back the evil villian that has some kind of extraordinary power (Renard, can’t feel pain), they also added some spice with the double-crosser (Elektra King). TWINE has all the basic elements of a Bond movie, plus a some little extras in store. Giving “Q” his long needed assistant, couldn’t have come at a better time. Even though losing Desmond Llewelyn in a tragic car accident isn’t happy news, at least the Bond producers had his replacement right there in John Cleese (who, in my opinion, fits the role very nicely). Most people that have seen the Bond movies, most recently the Brosnan Bond movies, will tell you GoldenEye was indeed the best Brosnan Bond movie. Maybe that’s true, but then again, TWINE shows that Bond can get hurt, MI6 can be attacked, M can be captured and MI6 security could be better. All and all, TWINE was a very good Bond movie. Personal Rating: 10/10 Right on the brink of techonology, but not too futuristic (Die Another Days: Icarus)

B.J. Haun

If anyone doubted the theory that the “third time’s the charm” for the actor portraying 007, “The World is Not Enough” will surely make believers out of them.

Brosnan’s combined some of the best aspects of his three major predecessors with his own charismatic persona to forge a Bond portrayal that tops them all. He has Connery’s machoism, Moore’s suaveness and sophicstication, Daltons hard edge, a Fleming flair, and he brings his own personal, emotional side to the role. All the parts needed for the ideal James Bond.

But what ties the knot for me is the fact that elements of TWINE paralleled some of the earlier Fleming-based films,if not exactly with their content, then at least in their style and presentation.

Probably my favorite Flemingesque element comes with The World is Not Enough’s great and powerful relationship between Bond and Elektra. It’s very romantic(in a lowkey way)and it says so much about James Bond without using reams of dialogue. Which alone goes into some of the best moments in The World is Not Enough

He’s alone–he’s bitter–he’s aware that he’s had to give up so many things because of what his job entails.And so here he is,with one of the women who got too close for comfort. It provides many scenes that is sad, haunting and oddly romantic all at the same time. Very much in line(IMO) with the kind of things Fleming was writing. The hard, mature, world weary romantic that is 007 is all over TWINE, more that quite possibly any entry in the whole series.

The World is Truly Not Enough

Personal Rating: 10/10 Only it and Die Another Day can be this good!

This movie was okay, but definitely was not the best of Bond. It seemed too commercial. Like someone came up with the plot and story a couple hours before filming began. No offense to any of the cast or crew of the movie, but the plot, etc. seemed a little cliched, something that the new Bond movies are at risk of doing.

Also, having a villain be “half-dead,” as Renard was, is totally medically and physically impossible. I think the movie would have been just as good if Renard was a regular human being. Anyways, it was nice to see Robbie Coltrane in another Bond movie, and to see him shoot that annoying sidekick of his, Goldie.