You Only Live Twice (1967) Reviews

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The first Bond movie to have the “villain’s-lair-under-a-fake-lake” aspect, this movie is really underrated. The thought of Bond being killed was first seen in this movie, with him being “shot up” by machine gun fire in his bed. A spy faking his death to throw off mastermind criminals seems like something that a government agency would do to capture a wanted criminal.
Besides that, seeing Sean Connery turn Japanese was very entertaining. As well as his ninja moves that he learned for the movie. The final scene, in my opinion, is very well done. This is one of the few Bond movies to have ninjas in it, and they were not exagerrated at all. A great ending to a great movie.

Richard Franks

A very action packed and suspense filled Bond movie, even though at the time it was to be Sean Connery’s last Bond movie (until Diamonds Are Forever) he played the role perfectly as he had in the first four Bond
movies. This story was quite well done for its time. Bond trying to stop SPECTRE’s Number 1 leader, Ernst Stavro Blofeld from causing World War 3 between USA and Russia by sabotaging their Space Programs. Makes you want to hate SPECTRE even more in this one.

The movie’s creators did a fantastic job bringing this movie to life. The hidden SPECTRE volcano set is the perfect Bond villain hideout, the best one yet. I was impressed by its size and how much it had taken to make the set come to life. It was one set from a Bond movie that was hard to beat.

I also enjoyed the performance of Donald Pleasence as Blofeld,even though this was his only appearance in the role. I wish he could have continued on with role and made OHMSS and Diamonds Are Forever more exciting with his talent. He made Blofeld more coldblooded and vile in YOLT, it was shocking to see the fate he gave Helga Brandt (Karin Dor) for her failure to kill 007, typical Bond villain style.

Taking James Bond to Japan was done just right, the scenery was beautiful and so were the women. Akiko Wakabayshi (Aki) and Mie Hama (Kissy Suzuki) played their roles excellently, even though it was their first English speaking roles, they did a fantastic job for the time they took for learning English. Tiger Tanaka (Tetsuo Tamba) was an entertaining character and partner for Bond, like the Felix Leiter character, Tanaka was well written for YOLT. I enjoyed Testsuo Tamba’s performance in the role of Tanaka, I wish he was used more in later Bond stories. If you want to enjoy a good Connery as Bond movie, this is the one to enjoy over and over.