A View To A Kill (1985)

A View to a Kill 1985

Agent 007 must save millions of lives in this crackling dynamo of an adventure, jam-packed with the most spectacular action sequences ever filmed. With his wit, elegance and style, Roger Moore lends lethal charm to his final performance as James Bond.

When Bond is sent to investigate a security leak at the high-tech Zorin Industries, he discovers a hotbed of murder and deception. The company’s mysterious owner, Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) has devised a plan to corner the world’s microchip market, even if he has to kill millions to do it! But before Bond can stop Zorin, he must confront the madman’s beautiful and deadly companion May Day (Grace Jones). With help from the gorgeous Stacey (Tanya Roberts), Bond will launch an all-out assault on Zorin’s deadly scheme, climaxing in a spine-tingling duel on the upper spans of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The suspense moves at full throttle, propelled by thrilling chases, vicious brawls, and explosive gun battles. It’s an edge-of-your-seat action thriller with the style, wit, and sizzling sensuality of Agent 007 himself.

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  • Rated: PG
  • Number in Series: 14
  • Running Time: 126 minutes
  • Budget: $30 million
  • UK Premiere: June 12, 1985
  • US Premiere: May 24, 1985


  • James Bond: Roger Moore
  • Moneypenny: Lois Maxwell
  • M: Robert Brown
  • Q: Desmond Llewelyn
  • Bond Girl (Stacy Sutton): Tanya Roberts
  • Bond Girl (Pola Ivanova): Fiona Fullerton
  • Villain (Max Zorin): Christopher Walken


  • Writing Credits: Ian Fleming
  • Producer: Albert R. Broccoli
  • Producer: Michael G. Wilson
  • Director: John Glen
  • Composer: John Barry
  • Title Song: Duran Duran
  • Production Design: Peter Lamont
  • Full Cast & Crew: IMDB.com
  • Wikipedia Page

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