Sean Connery in You Only Live Twice

As a secret agent, James Bond sometimes uses fake names and identities to infiltrate enemy organizations and defeat villains. Here is a chronological list of his aliases in the movies with their reason for use.

Movie & Alias Reason For Use
From Russia with Love
Bond’s Alias: David Somerset
Bond booked a train on the Orient Express under this name, with his “wife” Caroline, Tatiana Romanov.
You Only Live Twice
Bond’s Alias: Mr. Fisher
Bond posed as a businessman to meet with Mr. Osato, the head of the corrupt Empire Chemicals company.
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Bond’s Alias: Sir Hilary Bray
Bond assumes the identity of the Sable Basilik from the London College of Arms to gain entrance to Blofeld’s Piz Gloria headquarters. Blofeld’s claim to the title of Comte de Bleauchamp was under investigation.
Diamonds Are Forever
Bond’s Alias: Peter Franks
Bond infiltrates the South African diamond smuggling business by becoming Peter Franks. After the real Peter Franks escaped British custody, Bond’s cover was put in jeopardy, until Bond met up with the real Franks, and killed him.
Diamonds Are Forever
Bond’s Alias: Mr. Jones
Bond stayed in the bridal suite of the Whyte House hotel with Tiffany Case (Mrs. Jones) in Las Vegas.
Diamonds Are Forever
Bond’s Alias: Klaus Hergescheimer
Bond comes up with this alias on the spot and acts as a Whyte Industries employee from ‘G’ section to gain information on Dr. Metz’s work.
Diamonds Are Forever
Bond’s Alias: Burt Saxby
Bond assumes Burt Saxby’s identity on the telephone with the help of Q’s Voice Algorithm Duplicator to inconspicuously speak with Blofeld.
The Man with the Golden Gun
Bond’s Alias: Fransisco Scaramanga
With the help of a fake rubber third nipple, Bond takes advantage of the fact that no one knows what the lethal assassin looks like and meets Hai Fat in character as Scaramanga. Unfortunately, the real Scaramanga met with Hai Fat prior to Bond’s meeting with him.
The Spy Who Loved Me
Bond’s Alias: Robert Sterling
Bond becomes a marine biologist to inquire about Karl Stromberg’s operations in his large Atlantis headquarters. Anya Amasova, Agent XXX, assumes the role as Mrs. Sterling.
A View to a Kill
Bond’s Alias: James St. John Smythe
One of Bond’s most popular aliases, Max Zorin calls Mr. Smythe in the shortened form, “sin-jun-smythe.” Bond assumes the identity of a man who has inherited many horse stables to infiltrate Zorin’s crooked silicon valley company. Horseracing is one of Zorin’s vices, and a perfect medium for Bond to practice his spywork.
A View to a Kill
Bond’s Alias: James Stock
Bond tells Tanya Roberts that he is a journalist for the London Financial Times to give him an edge to gain information from Roberts about Zorin Industries.
The Living Daylights
Bond’s Alias: Jerzy Bondov
Georgi Koskov deems an unconcsious James Bond ‘Jerzy Bondov’ to get transport clearance from Tangiers.
The World Is Not Enough
Bond’s Alias: Dr. Mikhail Arkov
Bond poses as a Russian nuclear scientist (even with a perfect Russian accent!) from the Russian Atomic Energy Commission to poke his nose in Renard’s plan to steal a nuclear weapon from Kazakhstan. Bond’s cover is blown when Dr, Christmas Jones remembers that the real Dr. Arkov is an old man!
Die Another Day
Bond’s Alias: Van Bierk
Bond’s latest identity transformation pits him as a diamond smuggler (for the second time) to infiltrate Colonel Moon’s Korean headquarters as an angle for an assassination mission against Colonel Moon.
Casino Royale
Bond’s Alias: Arlington Beech
Bond uses professional gambler Beech as cover for when he and Vesper Lynd check in to their Montenegro hotel.

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