headersiteEstablished: September 3, 1999

Hello and welcome to my site! I am a huge James Bond fan and started what would become BondMovies.com on a free web host in 1996. The project started off as something fun to do with my James Bond hobby, but developed into my interest of creating web sites. Things started to pick up after about a year at the free web host, and I wanted my own domain name.  So on September 3, 1999 I came up with the domain “bondmovies.com”. Short and sweet. Catchy, too.

So here we are today. I’ve recently revamped the site design and scope (it’s still a work in progress), but now want to have a more social focus on 007.

Feel free to e-mail me at webmaster[at]bondmovies.com if you have any questions/comments/praises or criticisms about the site.

Thanks for visiting!