Thunderball (1965) Sound Clips

Gun Barrel Theme.
Size: 208.0 KB
Duration: 17 Seconds

Patricia Fearing: “You better come along with me, spend a few minutes in the steam room. It will help to relax you.”
James Bond: “Mmmm, yes.”
Patricia Fearing: “It might even shrink you back to size.”
James Bond: “Well somebody is going to wish that had never happened.”
Patricia Fearing: “You wouldn’t tell, Dr Wayne, please. I’d lose my job.”
James Bond: “Well I, I suppose my silence could have a price…”
Patricia Fearing: “You don’t mean. Oh no!”
James Bond: “Oh yes!”
Size: 140.0 KB
Duration: 37 Seconds

[James hits the fire alarm]
Woman: “What’s happening? What’s going on?”
James Bond: “I don’t know, could it be the front door bell?”
Patricia Fearing: “No, it most certainly could not!”
James Bond: “Oh, hello.”
Patricia Fearing: “Haven’t you had enough exercise for one evening?”
Size: 71.5 KB
Duration: 18 Seconds

James Bond: “Keep in touch.”
Patricia Fearing: “Any time James, any place.”
James Bond: “Another time, another place.”
Size: 26.5 KB
Duration: 6 Seconds

M: “Who is this girl?”
James Bond: “Derval’s sister, sir.”
M: “Oh, do you know where she is now?”
James Bond: “Nassau.”
M: “Do you think she’s worth going after?”
James Bond: “I wouldn’t have put it quite that way, sir.”
Size: 47.5 KB
Duration: 12 Seconds

Domino Derval: “I’m not with you.”
James Bond: “Oh you soon will be.”
Size: 9.6 KB
Duration: 3 Seconds

James Bond: “My dear and cooperative Domino.”
Domino Derval: “How do you know that? How do you know my friends call me Domino?”
James Bond: “It’s on the bracelet on your ankle.”
Domino Derval: “What sharp little eyes you’ve got.”
James Bond: “Wait ’til you get to my teeth.”
Size: 59.4 KB
Duration: 15 Seconds

James Bond: “That gun looks more fitting for a woman.”
Emilio Largo: “You know much about guns, Mr. Bond?”
James Bond: “No, I know a little bit about women.”
Size: 31.3 KB
Duration: 7 Seconds

James Bond: “Oh no!”
Q: “Ah, 007!”
James Bond: “What a wonderful surprise!”
Q: “Well for me to. I must say I find this business of equipping you in the field, on the run as it were, highly irregular.”
Size: 44.5 KB
Duration: 12 Seconds

Q: “Now here is something I want you to use with special care…with special care!”
James Bond: “Everything you give me…”
Q:“…is treated with equal contempt yes I know, but that’s an underwater camera. It takes 8 pictures in rapid succession by pressing that button there.”
James Bond: “Is that clever?”
Q: “Well if you can take pictures in the dark with an infrared film, yes!”
Size: 82.2 KB
Duration: 21 Seconds

Fiona Volpe: “But the music is going to go on all night anyhow, enough to drive you wild. Do you like wild things, Mr. Bond, James Bond?”
[She playfully bites James]
James Bond: “Ow! You should be locked up in a cage!”
Fiona Volpe: “This bed feels like a cage, all these bars. Do you think I will be…safe?!”
Size: 105.0 KB
Duration: 27 Seconds

[James places Fiona’s limp body at a table near the dance floor; he talks to fellow patrons]
James Bond: “Do you mind if my friend sits this one out? She’s just dead.”
Size: 17.2 KB
Duration: 3 Seconds