The Living Daylights (1987) Sound Clips

Gun Barrel Theme.
Size: 262.0 KB
Duration: 22 Seconds

Linda: “Who are you?”
James Bond:“Bond. James Bond.”
Size: 12.1 KB
Duration: 3 Seconds

James Bond: “Lovely girl with the cello.”
Saunders: “Forget the ladies for once, Bond.”
Size: 26.8 KB
Duration: 6 Seconds

James Bond: “What’s your escape route?”
Saunders: “Sorry old man. Section 26 paragraph 5: that information is on a need to know basis only. I’m sure you understand.”
Size: 40.0 KB
Duration: 10 Seconds

Rosika Miklos: “We must hurry. Get him in the pig!”
General Georgi Koskov: “Pig? What is Pig?”
James Bond: “Scouring plug, to clean out the pipeline. This one’s been specially designed to carry a man.”
General Georgi Koskov: “Pipeline? You mean our pipeline?”
James Bond: “Great Soviet achievement – piping natural gas into Western Europe.”
General Georgi Koskov: “But, but, but not me!”
James Bond: “Don’t worry Georgi. It’s a piece of cake!”
Rosika Miklos: “Hmm! Never mind cake, if you open valve before 100 he will be borscht!”
General Georgi Koskov: “Pigs! Borscht! Cake! There must be another way!”
Size: 103.0 KB
Duration: 26 Seconds

James Bond: “I only kill professionals. That girl didn’t know one end of a rifle from another. Go ahead, tell him what you want. If he fires me I’ll thank him for it. Who ever she was…it must have scared the living daylights out of her.”
Size: 58.9 KB
Duration: 15 Seconds

[Q shows Bond a boombox/rocket launcher gadget that plays music and then fires a rocket]
Q: “Ah, good! Something we are making for the Americans. It’s called a ghetto-blaster!”
Size: 86.0 KB
Duration: 22 Seconds

[Q shows Bond a gadget key ring that spews out stun gas after whistling]
Q: “Stun gas, effective range: oh, about 5 feet – disorientates any normal person for, oh, about 30 seconds.”
James Bond: “You don’t find too many normal people in this business, Q. What do I do to blow up the room? Whistle god save the Queen?!”
Size: 87.6 KB
Duration: 22 Seconds

Kara Milovy: “You picked up the police band.”
James Bond: “There must be an atmospheric anomaly.”
Kara Milovy: “There looking for a foreign car…a man and a woman.”
James Bond: “And a cello.”
Size: 59.5 KB
Duration: 15 Seconds

Kara Milovy: “What happened?”
James Bond: “Salt corrosion.”
Size: 67.1 KB
Duration: 17 Seconds

Kara Milovy: “You were fantastic! We’re free!”
James Bond: “Kara, we’re inside a Russian air base in the middle of Afghaninstan.”
Size: 28.7 KB
Duration: 7 Seconds