Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Sound Clips

Gun Barrel Theme.
Size: 185.0 KB
Duration: 15 Seconds

James Bond: “Bond. James Bond.”
Size: 10.9 KB
Duration: 3 Seconds

James Bond: “White Knight to White Rook. I’ve evacuated the area. Ask the admiral where he’d like his bombs delivered.”
Size: 52.9 KB
Duration: 13 Seconds

Minister of Defence: “Where exactly did this mysterious GPS signal come from?”
M: “We’re still investigating.”
Adimiral Roebuck: “Investigating!? With all due respect, M, sometimes I don’t think you have the balls for this job.”
M: “Perhaps. The advantage is I don’t have to think with them all the time.”
Size: 57.3 KB
Duration: 15 Seconds

Elliot Carver: “Mr. Jones, are we ready to release our new software?”
Mr Jones: “Yes sir, as requested its full of bugs. Which will mean people will be forced to upgrade for years.”
Elliot Carver: “Outstanding.”
Size: 47.2 KB
Duration: 12 Seconds

M:“Your job is to find out whether Carver or someone in his organization sent that ship off course and why. Use your relationship with Mrs. Carver, if necessary.”
James Bond: “I doubt if she will remember me.”
M: “Remind her…then pump her for information.”
Moneypenny: “You’ll just to have to decide how much pumping is needed, James.”
James Bond: “If only that were true of you and I, Moneypenny.”
Size: 94.1 KB
Duration: 24 Seconds

Q: “If you just sign here, Mr. Bond. It’s the insurance damage waiver for your beautiful new car. Will you need collision coverage?”
James Bond: “Yes.”
Q: “Fire?”
James Bond: “Probably.”
Q: “Property destruction?”
James Bond: “Definitely.”
Q: “Personal injury?”
James Bond: “I hope not. But accidents do happen”
Q: “They frequently do with you!”
Size: 111.0 KB
Duration: 29 Seconds

[Bond gets in his new BMW 750]
Computer Female Voice: “Welcome, please fasten seat belt and obey all instructions for a safe trip.”
Q: “Thought you would pay more attention to a female voice.”
James Bond: “I think we’ve met.”
Size: 37.3 KB
Duration: 9 Seconds

Q: “Grow up, 007!”
Size: 7.3 KB
Duration: 2 Seconds

Paris Carver: “Mr. Bond will have a Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred.”
Size: 13.4 KB
Duration: 3 Seconds

Wai Lin: “Exactly what kind of banking do you specialize in, Mr. Bond?”
James Bond: “Hostile takeovers.”
Size: 27.7 KB
Duration: 7 Seconds

[Bond gets punched]
James Bond: “Oooh! Argh!”
Stamper’s Associates: “It’s a sound proof room Mr Bond, nobody here’s you scream.”
[Bond gets punched again]
James Bond:“Oooh! Argh!”
Stamper’s Associates: “Heir Stamper, we have made contact.”
Stamper: “Make him uncomfortable.”
Size: 63.7 KB
Duration: 7 Seconds

U.S Marine: “The High Altitude Low Opening jump, the HALO jump, is where we get the most fatalities so listen up! You free fall for 5 miles and use your oxygen or you’ll die of asphyxiation.”
Jack Wade: “Sounds like my first marriage!”
Size: 49.7 KB
Duration: 13 Seconds

Elliot Carver: “Mr. Stamper is a protege of the late, Dr Kaufman who was schooling him in the ancient art of Chacra torture.”
Stamper: “He was like a father to me.”
James Bond: “Really? Interesting role model!”
Elliot Carver: “According to eastern philosophy, the body has seven Chacra points – energy centers like the heart or genitals. The purpose of these implements is to probe those organs, inflicting the maximum amount of pain whilst keeping the victim alive for as long as possible.”
Stamper: “Dr. Kaufman’s record was 52 hours. I’m hoping to break it.”
James Bond: “Hmm, I would’ve thought watching your TV shows was torture enough.”
Size: 148.0 KB
Duration: 38 Seconds

James Bond: “You were pretty good with that hook.”
Wai Lin: “It comes from growing up in a rough neighborhood.”
James Bond: “Uh-huh.”
Wai Lin: “You were pretty good on the bike.”
James Bond: “Well, that comes from not growing up at all.”
Size: 48.7 KB
Duration: 13 Seconds

H.M.S. Bedford Officer: “Commander Bond, Colonel Lin. This is the H.M.S Bedford. Are you there?”
Wai Lin: “Their looking for us, James.”
James Bond: “Let’s stay undercover.”
Size: 90.3 KB
Duration: 23 Seconds