Casino Royale (1967) Sound Clips

Smernov: [Lions approaching vehicle] “I did not come here to be devoured by symbols of monarchy!”
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Duration: 4 Seconds

Sir James Bond: [Giving a description of his era’s spy type] “The spy was a member of a select and immaculate priest hood – vocationally devoted, sublimely disinterested. Hardly a description of that sexual acrobat who leaves a trail of beautiful dead women like blown roses behind him.”
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Duration: 17 Seconds

Sir James Bond: [Passes the late M’s wig to Agent Mimi/Lady Fiona McTarry, M’s widow] “Should it be given a Christian burial? Just how personal is a toupee?”
Agent Mimi: “It can only be regarded as…a hairloom!”
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Duration: 9 Seconds

Sir James Bond: “Oh, by the way, Moneypenny, since I’ve come in here, have you heard me stammer?”
Miss Moneypenny: “No, sir!”
Sir James Bond: “Splendid. Let me know if I do; I haven’t got time for that now.”
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Duration: 6 Seconds

Sir James Bond: “It’s depressing that the words ‘secret agent’ have become synonymous with ‘sex maniac.'”
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Duration: 3 Seconds

Jimmy Bond: “Listen! You can’t shoot me! I have a very low threshold of death. My doctor says I can’t have bullets enter my body at any time.”
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Duration: 9 Seconds

[Being lead away to face a firing squad]
Jimmy Bond: “You realize this means an angry letter to The Times?”
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Duration: 3 Seconds

Jimmy Bond: [escaping the firing squad] “So long, suckers!”
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Duration: 1 Seconds

Miss Moneypenny: “All our want-able agents have disappeared, sir.”
Sir James Bond: “Ah, this is where you come in, Moneypenny. I want you to go through all the auxiliary files.”
Miss Moneypenny: “The lot sir? It’ll take all night!”
Sir James Bond: “Your mother did some of her best work at night.”
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Duration: 11 Seconds

Miss Moneypenny: “I really have to note your qualifications.”
Cooper: “Height: 6 foot 2 and a half, 184 pounds. Trophies for karate and judo, holder of the Kama Sutra black belt.”
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Duration: 9 Seconds

The Detainer: “You’re really learning to put up quite a resistance.”
Cooper: “It goes against my nature, you know.”
The Detainer: “I sense that, too. What are you doing after the exercise?”
Cooper: “Getting my head examined.”
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Duration: 8 Seconds

Vesper Lynd: “Mr. Evelyn Tremble?”
Evelyn Tremble: “Yes, that’s right.”
Vesper Lynd: “Isn’t Evelyn a girl’s name?”
Evelyn Tremble: “No, it’s mine.”
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Duration: 12 Seconds

Sir James Bond: “I am Sir James Bond.”
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Duration: 1 Seconds

Mata Bond: “I am the celestial virgin of the sacred altar.”
Sir James Bond: “Figuratively speaking, of course.”
Mata Bond: “Of course.”
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Duration: 7 Seconds

Mata Bond: “You know, if you weren’t my dad…I think I could fancy you.”
Sir James Bond: “That’s very good of you, my dear. Rather warm in here, don’t you think?”
Mata Bond: “Cool it, Charlie. So you want me to go to Berlin, huh?”
Sir James Bond: “Now Mata, you remember the old house on the Felmannstrasse?”
Mata Bond: “Yeah, where Mum had a dancing school.”
Sir James Bond: “That has now become International Mother’s Help. But that’s just a cover for its real function. It is…Does he speak English?”
Mata Bond: “Hey Charlie, speak English?”
Charlie: “No.”
Sir James Bond: “Good.”
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Duration: 30 Seconds

Mata Bond: “Who is Le Chiffre?”
Polo: “Nobody knows…not even Le Chiffre.”
Size: 139.0 KB
Duration: 8 Seconds

Frau Hoffner: “Come along, child. The auction is about to begin.”
Mata Bond: “Auction?”
Frau Hoffner: “Tonight we are selling one of the finest art collections in Europe.”
Mata Bond: “Le Chiffre’s collection?”
Frau Hoffner: “Who?”
Mata Bond: “Le Chiffre.”
Frau Hoffner: “Who’s Le Chiffre?”
Mata Bond: “The man who owns the art collection.”
Frau Hoffner: “What art collection?”
Mata Bond: “The collection that’s about to be auctioned.”
Frau Hoffner: “Who said anything about an auction?”
Mata Bond: “You did.”
Frau Hoffner: “Who am I?”
Mata Bond: “Frau Hoffner.”
Frau Hoffner: “Never heard of her. You’re insane, my child, quite insane.”
Mata Bond: “I think she’s right!”
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Duration: 28 Seconds

Evelyn Tremble: “Mr. Mathis.”
Inspector Mathis: “Yes?”
Evelyn Tremble: “There’s something that’s been worrying me…Uh, you’re a French police officer, yet you have a Scot’s accent.”
Inspector Mathis: “Aye, it worries me, too.”
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Duration: 11 Seconds

James Bond: “What are you going to do?”
Le Chiffre: “Physically, not going to do anything.”
James Bond: “Oh you’re going to nothing me to death?”
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Duration: 6 Seconds

[In front of 10 Downing Street]
Sir James Bond: “Be a good girl – run along and watch the changing of the guard.”
Mata Bond: “I bet Mummy would’ve taken me in!”
Sir James Bond: “Mummy took everyone in.”
Size: 98.9 KB
Duration: 6 Seconds