Casino Royale (TV – 1954) Sound Clips

Narrator: “Good evening. This doesn’t look dangerous, does it? But it’s killed plenty of men and women. It’s made beggars of many and millionaires of a few, mighty few.”
Narrator: “In French gambling casinos, this is called a shoe. It holds the cards for baccarat – king of gambling games – and its purpose is to make sure that no one can pull any funny business, like dealing from the bottom. The game to be played tonight is for the highest stakes of all. A man is going to wager his life.”
Narrator: “Climax presents Casino Royale, from the best-seller by Ian Fleming. Stars Barry Nelson, Peter Lorre, and Linda Christian. And now, Casino Royale.”
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Duration: 43 Seconds

Chef DePartre: [after James Bond has been shot at whilst entering the casino] “The casino is full of apologies Mr. Bond. Such an act is beyond explanation. You had not begun to play, so it was not your winnings they were after.”
James Bond: “Yeah, and it wasn’t my autograph either.”
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Duration: 10 Seconds

Clarence Leiter: “Aren’t you the fellow who was shot?”
James Bond: “No, I’m the fellow who was missed.”
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Duration: 4 Seconds

Clarence Leiter: “Well it looks like you’re as lucky as they say.”
James Bond: “They?”
Clarence Leiter: “Oh, you’re a legend old boy – Card Sense Jimmy Bond they call you. I knew you right away.”
James Bond: “I didn’t know I had that much of a reputation…”
Clarence Leiter: “Oh my dear fellow – look here – how about you give me the lowdown – how to play – over a drink? Oh, I’m very sorry, my name’s Clarence Leiter.”
James Bond: “Clarence sure – What have I got to lose?”
Clarence Leiter: “Do you ever lose old boy? Bar’s over there – lead on!”
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Duration: 25 Seconds

Le Chiffre: “Very lucky of Mr Bond.”
Valerie Mathis: “Yes.”
Le Chiffre: “And very handsome. Tell me… has he changed much since the days when you two were…”
Valerie Mathis: “He looks just the same.”
Le Chiffre: “A-ha.”
Valerie Mathis: “You want me to talk with him now?”
Le Chiffre: “Plenty of time. I’ll tell you when.”
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Duration: 16 Seconds

Clarence Leiter: [Picking up glass] “Have you ever seen Le Chiffre?”
James Bond: “No.”
Clarence Leiter: [Holding glass] “Go on explaining the game.”
James Bond: [Holding cards] “Well you each get two cards – the banker and the dealer. Picture cards and tens count nothing. The other cards carry their own face value.”
Clarence Leiter: [Lighting cigarette] “Le Chiffre is the toad-like creature playing at the table in there. He’s the chief Soviet agent for this area controlled through Leningrad Section 3 through Paris. And he’s the most dangerous man they’ve ever had.”
Clarence Leiter: [Smoking cigarette] “You can look now.”
Clarence Leiter: [Smoking cigarette] “He’s a fanatic. He’s ruthless, incorruptible and everything he does is entirely legal. But he has a weak spot. And that’s how you got into it.”
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Duration: 40 Seconds

James Bond: [Handling cards] “If I don’t kill Le Chiffre, what do I do to him?”
Clarence Leiter: “His weak spot is gambling. You’re going to play baccarat with him and your job is to clean him out.”
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Duration: 9 Seconds

Valerie Mathis: “Mr. Bond, don’t you remember me? Valerie. Valerie Mathis. We met in the casino at the alley.”
James Bond: “Yes, of course. You were my lucky charm. While you were there I couldn’t lose.”
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Duration: 12 Seconds

James Bond: [In elevator] “Yes, you said you were on the sixth. I’ll see you to your room.”
Valerie Mathis: “I’d rather see you to yours.”
James Bond: “Well, why would I argue with that?”
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Duration: 8 Seconds

James Bond: [James Bond walks back to center of room and holds Valerie and kisses her. Le Chiffre and his henchmen listen in the room upstairs] “That’s for old times sake. This is for now.”
[They embrace passionately again]
Valerie Mathis: [Passionately] “Jimmy!”
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Duration: 14 Seconds

Clarence Leiter: “Have you seen Miss Mathis?”
Waiter: “No. Say, everybody is asking me about Miss Mathis – she must be a very popular young lady!”
Clarence Leiter: “Oh is she? Who else was asking for her?
Waiter:Mr. Bond asked for her.”
Clarence Leiter: “I know about him. Anyone else?”
Waiter: “Mr. Le Chiffre too.”
Clarence Leiter: “Oh he did, did he?”
Waiter: “Well, you know he was a heavy loser. So, perhaps he needed a young lady’s sympathy?”
Clarence Leiter: “Yes, it could be. Well, thanks anyway.”
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Duration: 16 Seconds

Le Chiffre: “Oh, as you most certainly know, Mr. Bond, no secret agent can ever be quite sure when another agent isn’t working for the other side. Although I…I always thought that mutual love means mutual trust.”
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Duration: 16 Seconds

[James Bond is in the bathtub. Zuroff is tying rope on him. Le Chiffre, Valerie, Basil enter bathroom]
Le Chiffre: “All right Mr Bond…Where is that money? Look Mr. Bond, as you should know by now I…I’m quite without mercy and if you continue to be that obstinate, I…I’ll have to torture – you’ll be tortured to the edge of madness. Believe me. You have no hope whatsoever. You hear? None!”
[Turns to face Valerie]
Le Chiffre: “Nor has she.”
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Duration: 26 Seconds

Le Chiffre: [Sitting on end of bath] “You leave me no choice, I…I cannot let you destroy me.”
James Bond: “I’ve already destroyed you.”
Le Chiffre: [Having his cigarette lit by Zuroff] “You think so, huh?”
James Bond: “I’m no hero, I don’t like pain. But I can tell you one thing right now. You won’t get anything out of me. Pain and killing’s part of my job.”
Le Chiffre: “And of mine too, Mr. Bond.”
James Bond: [Sniggering] “Huh huh – I bet you love it!”
Le Chiffre: [Cynically] “How did you find that out, huh?”
Le Chiffre: “Oh – you’re an obstinate man, Mr Bond!”
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Duration: 28 Seconds

James Bond: “Give me the check.”
Le Chiffre: [Attempting to get the blade from behind the band of his hat] “Huh?”
James Bond: [to Valerie] “Go on. Call the police.”
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Duration: 9 Seconds