Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Sammy Davis Jr.
Himself (Deleted Scenes)
The Rat Pack’s master of impersonations makes a cameo in 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever in one of the deleted scenes. In the scene, Sammy is seen gambling, and notices Bond walk into the casino.
Live and Let Die (1973)

Robert Dix
Son of famed actor Richard Dix, Robert was a close friend of Roger Moore and was asked by the 007 actor to join the shoot of the opening funeral sequenceof Live and Let Die in New Orleans. Although a minor role, Hamilton was an British agent stationed in the Bayou to monitor Kananga’s operations, but is killed along with three other British agents, causing M to send Bond to the US to investigate.
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Michael G. Wilson
Theatre Goer (Uncredited)
Michael G. Wilson shows his face yet again in this Bond movie, this time sitting a row behind Agent Triple-X and Fekkesh at the Pyramid Theatre.

Victor Tourjansky
Man with Bottle (Uncredited)
This actor had a run of three James Bond movies where he made a cameo appearance as comic relief during one of Bond’s escapes. This one had him wonder “What’s in this bottle of wine?” after seeing the amphibious Lotus Esprit emerge from the Mediterranean.

George Leech
Cortina Gunman #2 (Uncredited)
The stuntman makes an appearance as a gunman in a car accompanying Jaws in pursuit of Bond and Triple X in their Q Branch-issued Lotus Esprit.
Moonraker (1979)

Michael G. Wilson
Man at Venini (Uncredited)
Producer Michael G. Wilson makes his first of three appearances in this movie as a passerby with his child when Bond arrives at Venini Glass.

Michael G. Wilson
Man on Bridge (Uncredited)
His second appearance is on a bridge in the background of the scene between Bond and M in Venice.

Michael G. Wilson
NASA Technician (Uncredited)
His third cameo in Moonraker comes as a NASA technician.

Albert R. ‘Cubby’ Broccoli
Man at St. Mark’s Square (Uncredited)
The stout longtime Bond producer makes a rare cameo apearance as a spectator with a light blue untucked shirt as Bond walks through St. Mark’s Square.

Victor Tourjansky
Man with Bottle (Uncredited)
Victor’s second cameo in a Bond movie comes during Bond’s Venice escape using the hydrofoil gondola. After seeing the unthinkable vehicle he again wonders, “What’s in this bottle of wine?”

Melinda Maxwell
Drax’s Girl (Uncredited)
Longtime Moneypenny actress Lois Maxwell’s daughter makes a cameo as one of Hugo Drax’s beautiful anointed “super humans.” (she’s on the right)
For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Michael G. Wilson
Greek Priest (Uncredited)
Wilson shows up in 1981’s For Your Eyes Only as a Greek priest at a wedding celebration.

Victor Tourjansky
Man with Wine Glass (Uncredited)
Victor’s third and final cameo sees him not look at a wine bottle in disbelief, but instead holding a wine glass giving a “What gives?!” look to Bond as 007 escapes through a ski resort rest area.
Octopussy (1983)

Michael G. Wilson
Member of Soviet security council (Uncredited)
Wilson makes yet another cameo as a member of the Soviet Security council in Octopussy.

Michael G. Wilson
Man on tour boat (Uncredited)
Wilson’s second cameo of the movie comes as a member of the tour boat that assists Bond out of the water after 007 escapes from Khan’s compound.
A View to a Kill (1985)

Maud Adams
Woman In Streetcar (Uncredited)
Maud Adams apparently dropped in on filming of A View To A Kill and became an extra on a streetcar as Bond enters San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. She is the woman sitting with the white rimmed glasses holding a tan bag.

Michael G. Wilson
Loudspeaker Voice in City Hall (Voice)
Wilson’s voice can be heard right after Bond and Stacy Sutton return to City Hall at night and exit the elevator, you can faintly hear Mr. Wilson’s voice mumbling something over the loudspeaker.
The Living Daylights (1987)

John Barry
Orchestra Conductor (Uncredited)
The beloved Bond composer makes an excellent cameo doing what he does best – composing. This time, he conducts the cello-playing Kara Milovy (Maryam D’Abo) and the rest of an orchestra.

Michael G. Wilson
Opera Patron (Voice)
Wilson appears as a member of the audience at one of Kara Milovy’s orchestra performances.
Licence to Kill (1989)

Wayne Newton
Professor Joe Butcher (Credited)
The popular Las Vegas show mainstay makes a cameo in 1989’s Licence To Kill as Professor Joe Butcher, a man running a corrupt telethon to benefit Franz Sanchez’s drug world.

Michael G. Wilson
Voice of DEA Agent (Voice)
Wilson’s voices the DEA agent (and his hand on the map cameos) in the pre-title sequence where he utters the line “If they hurry, they might just be able to grab the bastard.”
GoldenEye (1995)

Martin Campbell
Cyclist (Uncredited)
The GoldenEye director appears as one of the unfortunate cyclists during the humorous driving exchange between Bond and Xenia Onatopp.

Minnie Driver
Irina (Zukovsky’s Mistress) (Uncredited)
The acclaimed Good Will Hunting actress makes a cameo as the shrill-voiced mistress of Zukovsky, Irina.

Michael G. Wilson
Member of Russian Security Council (Uncredited)
Wilson appears as a member of the Russian Security Council when General Ourumov reports to Defense Minister Mishkin.
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Michael G. Wilson
Tom Wallace (Uncredited)
Wilson gets his first speaking role in 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies. Wilson acts as one of Elliot Carver’s media thugs and is told to give the President a bad image. He agrees that he will, saying “Consider him slimed.”

Daphne Deckers
Carver’s PR Spokeswoman
Carver’s PR spokeswoman is played by Daphne Deckers, who is the wife of one time Wimbledon winner Richard Krajicek. Originally she wanted to audition for Paris Carver, but was late so they wrote her in as a small part.
The World Is Not Enough (1999)

Michael G. Wilson
Man in Casino (Uncredited)
Wilson acts as some sort of worker at Zukovsky’s casino, and gives Electra something to sign before she enters.

Bernard Lee
M (Uncredited)
Technically not a cameo, but more of a tribute. At MI6 Headquarters in Scotland, the original M’s picture appears above the mantlepiece.