Die Another Day (2002)

Verity (Credited)
The popular singer songwriter turned actress makes a cameo in 2002’s Die Another Day, as Miranda Frost’s fencing instructor.

Deborah Moore
Air Hostess (Credited)
Roger Moore’s daughter Deborah makes a cameo appearance in Die Another Day. She plays the air hostess that gives Bond his vodka martini, as 007 travels back to London to the tune “London Calling” by The Clash.

Oliver Skeete
Concierge (Credited)
Popular UK show-jumper Oliver Skeete makes his big screen debut as the dreadlocked, amorous concierge Bond encounters when leaving the Fencing Club.

Michael G. Wilson
General Chandler (Credited)
After Icarus is destroyed, Wilson is seen as General Chandler, with a relieved look on his face.

Michael G. Wilson
Man Leaning on Car in Cuba (Uncredited)
Wilson makes another appearance in Die Another Day as a bystander leaning against a car in Cuba.
Casino Royale (2006)

Richard Branson
Man at Airport Security (Uncredited)
Sir Richard Branson made a cameo appearance in 2006 in exchange for providing a plane for the film’s production in Prague, Czech Republic.

Michael G. Wilson
Chief of Police
MGW makes his latest cameo as the Chief of Police in Prague, Czech Republic. Most notably, Wilson’s role is credited this time, and his character is discussed by Bond, Mathis and Vesper.

Alessandra Ambrosio
Tennis Girl
The Brazilian supermodel cameos as a passing tennis player that gives Bond a curious glance when he first arrives at the Ocean Club.
Quantum of Solace (2008)

Michael G. Wilson
Man Sitting in Chair in Haitian Hotel Lobby (uncredited)
The oft-seen producer this time cameos as a man sitting in the lobby of the Hotel Dessalines as Bond checks messages for the man he just killed, assassin Edmund Slate.
Skyfall (2012)

Wolf Blitzer
Blitzer appears as himself on CNN presenting the news of the MI6 terror attack, on a TV in a bar during Bond’s hiatus.

Michael G. Wilson
Man in Background / Pallbearer
Wilson’s cameo was originally a larger one as a pallbearer during the funerals of the fallen MI6 agent, but the scene was cut from the final scene. You can still see him in the doorway while M looks over the caskets (he’s in the very back with the white hair).

Huw Edwards
Edwards reports on the news of the jeopardized MI6 agents as himself on the BBC News as a worried M and Gareth Mallory look on intently.

Gregg Wilson
Man in Turkish Bar (Uncredited)
Producer Michael G. Wilson’s son and associate producer makes a small cameo in the “scorpion” scene as a bystander.
Spectre (2015)

Gregg Wilson
Man Speaking With C (Uncredited)
The associate producer (and producer Michael G. Wilson’s son) makes a small cameo as someone talking to C / Denbigh right before M calls C a “cocky little bastard.”

Michael G. Wilson
Man Speaking With C (Uncredited)
The producer makes a small cameo as someone talking to C / Denbigh right before M calls C a “cocky little bastard.”